5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety


Anxiety is commonplace. We are more than likely to feel some sense of anxiety at some point in our lives but if we let it take over us this means that we end up living in fear. But what can we do to stop us living this fearful existence? Are there solutions that we can incorporate into our lives?


1. There Is Always A Solution To The Problem

When we live in fear we can forget that these things are just problems. And while for most of us these problems can be the sole reason we are fearful but when faced with an issue in life we’ve got to remember that there is a way around it. Problem-solving isn’t just a handy way to develop resilience but it’s a toolbox to help you through the rest of your life. When we live in fear, especially after a stressful incident we can try to avoid these aspects of life.

But this is where a counselor or a personal injury attorney can provide that substantial help. Whenever we are faced with a problem we’ve got to develop the mindset that it’s there to be solved. But what happens is that in life we have problem after problem, so we let these things get on top of us. We’re all human but if we can start to think that there’s always a solution to the problem this will give us the motivation and the positive mindset to get on the road to fixing it.


2. Providing Relief From The Symptoms

The ideal approach is to drill down to the root cause but we’ve got to remember that in the here and now we will experience various symptoms of stress and anxiety. Learning to get rid of stress isn’t something that happens overnight but it’s about finding the right tools for you. Many people choose meditation or mindfulness as a long-term practice but in the short-term, you’ve got to learn the right techniques to calm down. Deep breathing is a fantastic tool when you use it right. If we can start to feel relief from the symptoms this will give us the clarity to fix the problem in the round.


3. Stop Trying To Fix Everything

If we are always worrying about what will happen next they can be a part of our personality that wants to fix things and make things seem right. But there are so many dangers of being a “fixer” that it can give way to a feeling of control. You’re either trying to fix things so everybody else is happy so you are neglecting yourself, or you are trying to fix everything so you are happy.

But if we start to remember that there are things in life that we cannot control and remembering that not everything is meant to be fixed, we can slowly come around to the idea that we don’t need to be scared of everything.


4. Get Rid Of Pre-Existing Ideas

In our head, something is scary because we’ve let it scare us. But there are so many preconceived notions in our heads that may not make any sense to the next person. This is where something like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy comes in handy.

They retrain you to think about something differently. When something scares us we need to start reevaluating these components. There are certain ideas set in our heads because of how we were taught. Sometimes we do things because they are always done that way. But you don’t need to cut a pizza with a knife; you can rip it apart with your hands and still enjoy it!


5. Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

We always worry about the little things and when we fixate on these things so much we can lose sight of the bigger picture. If we live in fear of something our minds can go from 0 to 100 because we’ve already mapped out a scenario in our heads.

And it all begins with the small things. But when you start to let go of these seemingly important little things you realize just how trivial they are. Once you start to consider what you’ve been worrying about all these years is insignificant it allows you to focus on the things that matter. As soon as we start to let go of the small stuff we can release that burden.


As we start to relinquish our fears we can look back on the person that we were and wonder how we ever managed to let ourselves get to that point. It’s not about regret, it’s about making sure that you’ve learned from the way you used to be. This is the biggest lesson anybody can ever have.

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