5 Ways to Get Switch Up Your Style

Sometimes we can all get ourselves into a fashion rut. Not sure what to wear from one day to the next, or even how you want to go about it when the season changes. We can all be at that point where we stare into the wardrobe space and feel like you have nothing to wear. Often, we can be bombarded with too much choice, which in some ways can hinder our chances of making the right choice for our clothing. 


So what do you do if you need some fashion inspiration? Look through magazines endlessly and feel the need to buy yet more clothes? Perhaps! Maybe you look for hours on Pinterest about seasonal offerings and how you may wear them. Maybe! But what you can do is try and mix things up a little and certainly step out of your comfort zone once more. With that in mind, here are some of the inspirational fashion style ideas that you could consider if you find yourself in a rut when it comes to your clothing and sense of style. I hope it enables you to feel revitalised by your fashion choices and have the confidence to step out with pride once more. 



1. A capsule wardrobe


Let’s be honest, you don’t need to have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe to be stylish. Making key choices and investing in pieces of clothing that you can mix and match, can often be a great financial and style decision. What it does do, is to help eliminate the amount of choice you have. A capsule wardrobe means that different items of clothing can be put together to create numerous different outfit options. Less cost and more style, what isn’t to love? So how do you go about creating one? It is as simple as choosing key pieces. Top halves, bottom halves and accessories, that are a mix of colors and fabrics that can be mixed together perfectly. Thankfully, websites like Pinterest are a wash with capsule wardrobe inspiration. Some people use this principle for all aspects of their wardrobe. For example, having a capsule wardrobe for work attire, going out socially, events and even informal wear. It takes the pressure away and enables you to feel confident with your choices. 

2. Injecting some color into your clothing choices


Color is a great way to feel more inspired with your clothing choices. Perhaps you want to consider adding some seasonal colors into the mix when things start to change. For example, yellows and pinks in the summer and burgundy and mustard tones in the autumn. Not that you want to be stereotypical. Color can be worn at any time of the year, winter is the ideal time for a bright red, if you wanted. It can be the perfect solution to really inspire you with different fashion choices. Perhaps a shirt would be one of your go to things, but changing the color from something you would usually go for makes a familiar item of clothing feel different on you. Color can also really help you increase your confidence, as you find different tones that work well with your skin tone and even your hair or eye colors. If you are unsure on what types of colors would suit you, there are some great guides online to help you distinguish what might work well with the way you look. 


3. Revamp some of your older items


At whatever time of year, especially at a season change, you may find that you struggle more with your current clothing situation. However, you may find that some of those items don’t quite fit the same or look as good as they once did. But don’t be dismayed, this is where you can get a little creative with your fashion choices and feel inspired once more. It doesn’t cost much to reinvent those much-loved items. Perhaps cutting trousers into funky shorts in the summer. Adding some motifs or design elements to t-shirts or jackets. You could even cut sleeves tops and make them look more funky. There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest, and this website can be a great source for things like this that will have you brimming with inspiration, and best of all, you have them all sat there waiting for your attention. 


4. Adding different accessories to mix things up


Accessories are a great way to change the way an outfit looks. One method is to use hats, which are great at any time of year. Summer hats in the heat of the day, winter hats when it gets too cold. Or even something more sophisticated like a trilby can dramatically change the way an outfit looks. Bags are another thing that can help to lift an outfit, from the shopping tote to an investment piece like a Gucci bag. But it isn’t just hats and bags, there are other things you can use like statement necklaces or earrings. Perhaps being more adventurous than you would normally. Accessories are a great way to turn what could potentially be a bland outfit, and really jazz it up. Maybe dressing it up in different ways. Why not try something new or just slowly start changing things a little? Maybe adding a necklace first and taking it from there. Getting more adventurous as time goes on. 


5. Going all “matchy matchy” with your other half


Sometimes it it always worth taking some inspiration from your partner. Maybe even matching or coordinating your outfits in some way. You have all seen it at things like weddings, where a man is wearing a tie in the same color as their partners dress. But sometimes just taking inspiration, for example if your partner is particularly smart with their appearance, take a leaf out of their book and try it yourself. You may find a new way of dressing and revamping your wardrobe in the process. 


Let’s hope that these tips help you gain some more fashion inspiration and change your style. Often just gaining some new ideas is the only inspiration you need. 


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