5 Ways to Improve Recovery After a Sports Injury

Sports injuries can be devastating, especially for young athletes whose lives revolve around their sport. In a moment, years of work can be taken and all that lays ahead is a long road to recovery.


Once an athlete has been diagnosed and treated by their doctor of orthopedics, the path to recovery has really just begun. From there athletes face a long road to back to the field, but thankfully there is a lot they can do to deal with pain, decrease recovery time and prevent future injury, especially in 2020.


Today we are going to discuss 5 easy ways to improve your recovery from sports injuries. 


1. Hot and Cold Therapy


Hot and cold therapy treatments are probably the most common and oldest form of injury recovery known to the sports community. If you play sports, you’ve certainly heard someone say ‘put some ice on it’. The fact is cold therapy treatments are great at reducing inflammation post-injury. 


That’s why cryo chambers and ice baths have become commonplace for professional athletes around the world. Heat therapy treatments on the other hand have been proven to relieve pain, especially in the days and weeks after the injury has taken place.


In fact, in a study done at the University of Medical Sciences in Shahrekord, Iran, doctors found heat therapy treatments were able to reduce lower back pain significantly.  So if you need to reduce inflammation and pain during recovery don’t forget the old classic, hot and cold therapy. 


2. Light Yoga For Recovery


Light yoga is another solid option for sports injury recovery. There have been a number of studies that prove the effectiveness of yoga in reducing pain, stiffness and even depression in injured athletes. 


For example a 2012 study conducted by Bedekar et al. (2012) found that there were ‘significant reductions in functional disability, pain intensity and depression’ in yoga practitioners compared to their non-yogi peers.


Yoga is also great for injury prevention and helps you stay active while you’re injured, which is key to a quick recovery.


3. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Stay Active


Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active after an injury is often forgotten by athletes, but evidence suggests that this is one of the best ways to reduce recovery time and pain post-injury.


In fact a recent study authored by Kevin D. Tipton at the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, found that getting the proper amount of protein and micronutrients post-injury is one of the key predictors in a patients recovery time. 


Even more fascinating, research with mice has demonstrated promising results for the healing powers of Leucine, n-3FA. That means, if human trails go as planned, scientists may have just found the only true ‘superfood’ on the planet. 


Staying active can be especially difficult post-injury as well, but just like diet, exercise is vital to recovery. The fact is a recent study surrounding wound healing found that people who completed a 4-week exercise intervention (1 h/day for 3 days/week) healed standard punch biopsy wounds 25% quicker than did their less active counterparts. 


4. Get Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care is utilized by every professional athletic association on the globe, from the Los Angeles Lakers in basketball to Real Madrid in soccer. 


There’s a reason professional athletes from around the world all use chiropractors. The fact is skeletal alignment is key to injury prevention and injury recovery. 


So if you’ve suffered a sports injury lately, consider heading to the chiropractor for an adjustment. It can help improve your recovery time, relieve your pain, and even prevent further injury when you head out on the field or court next time.  


5. Try A Natural Spa


If all else fails, it may be time for a relaxing spa day. Spa days are one of the best ways to destress after a tough sports injury. And that’s vital considering multiple studies have proven stress slows down the body’s healing processes. 


For example, a 2001 study found that elderly men and women recover faster from leg ulcers when their stress is reduced. So if you’ve recently suffered a sports injury maybe take a spa day at a local spa like, Soap Lake Natural Spa. It’s doctor’s orders. 


When all is said and done, coping with sports injuries can be a challenge. Still there are more tools and techniques at your disposal than ever before, so there’s no excuse for laziness. If you want to recover quicker and with less pain, you have to put some work in, but trust me, it’s well worth it. 


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