5 Ways To Promote Your Business Without Losing Followers

Selling online can be a great way to make money. There are plenty of different ways to do it. You could start a home business, selling your own products on sites like eBay and on social media. You could create your own ecommerce store or sell directly from a blog or website. You might choose to buy other people’s products wholesale and sell them on yourself. Most people that trade online tend to do a combination of options to suit their lifestyle and products. 


But, whatever you decide to do, chances are you will try to use social media to the advantage of your business. You might use social media to sell directly to customers, as well as using it to build a brand and promote your other sales platforms. There’s no doubt that social media can be a handy tool when it comes to sales.


If you do decide to sell on social media, there are some precautions that you should take first. As a seller, you’ll start to become more aware of fakes, so you should learn how to report a counterfeit on facebook, which in turn will help you to protect your brand. You should also look into business insurance, self-employment and related tax issues and any legal implications which could affect you. Then, you need to learn how to sell and promote your business without being one of those people that really annoys all of their friends and family. 


1. Be Genuine


Don’t start trying to sell everything. Your friends will know if you are promoting things that you don’t really believe in. This will annoy them much more than you promoting a business that you have put your heart and soul into. These are your friends and family, people that you love, make sure you are only recommending or selling things that you would buy for them. 


Don’t Only Sell


The most annoying online sellers are the people that only sell. They are always sharing links to their products or sales pages, and they never interact in other ways. Find a balance, and you’ll be much less annoying. 


2. Consider Using Separate Accounts


Having separate accounts for your business is a great idea. While you should still try to find a balance and keep engaging on these pages, people are expecting you to sell there. They know what they are letting themselves in for when they hit the follow button.


3. Don’t Be Pushy


If someone says no, it’s no. Keep pushing products and services that people don’t want, and you won’t just lose business, you’ll lose friends.


4. Get Creative


Sharing links is boring. People are bored of seeing it. Instead, film videos, show your products in action, create eye-catching graphics and share informative infographics. Be creative with your promotion and people will be eager to see more. 


5. Tailor Your Promotions to Each Platform


Another annoying thing that social media sellers do is sharing the same thing to every single platform. Your close friends might be seeing the same things five times, and it’s a waste of your time. Tailor promotions to platforms. Think about who uses different platforms, and which posts get the most engagement.

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