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Written By Danasia Fantastic

5 Ways To Relieve Stress

You ever have one of those days where it seems like everything that could go wrong has? That was my day last Thursday. I realized one of the jobs I recently started, I absolutely hate. I broke my Iphone and then my laptop started acting up. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream. Finally when I was at the end of my rope, I remembered my favorite quote “This too shall pass” and I started to feel a little better. I thought I’d share with you today, these 5 Tips to Relieve Stress:

1. Put Down Your Cellphone and Put Your Computer Away- This one is tough to do, but I guarantee if you put your cellphone down, and turn your computer off for a half an hour, you will feel a burden lifted.

2. Take a Break from Someone Who Stresses You Out– We all have that one friend/cousin/sibling who always has some drama going on. It’s all well and good to be supportive, but it’s hard to deal with someone else’s stress if you are struggling with your own. Tell that person that you’ve got a lot you’re dealing with at the moment and that you’ll call them the moment things are in order.

3. Be Thankful– Even in the hardest of times, try and remember things that you are thankful for. A therapist friend says that keeping a thanks journal and writing down three things a day you are thankful for makes most people feel less depressed. It helps them to see what they still have that is good in their lives.

4. Get Some Sleep– It’s hard to not feel stressed when you are not getting enough sleep. Very few things feel as nice as waking up well rested.

5. Have a Laugh– We’ve all heard the quote “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Nothing puts me in a better mood than watching a comedy. So next time you’re down, turn on Comedy Central, or call that girlfriend who always has you laughing. Laughter will definitely lift your spirits.

Hopefully this post will encourage you to smile the next time you’re feeling stressed out.

Happy Monday!


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