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5 Ways to Stay Creative While Working Your Day Job

Written by Quasia Elle 

Creative endeavors aren’t exactly the most lucrative in the early stages. This leaves most of our time divided, more so with pointless jobs we could care less for, and too exhausted to create when we are released from their restraints. Here are a few ways to not feel entirely divided, and form a habit of growth in any environment.

1. Carry a Journal.

I’m old fashion in this way. I even have a special pen and pad for certain occasions, mad extra with it. There’s something about carrying a journal that makes my official-ness skyrocket. I also loathe writing ideas in my black abyss of an iPhone. There’s already too much going on and chances are, I will forget. Walking with something physical will remind you, “Hey there’s something in there” and you’ll know exactly where you’ve written that dope idea.

2. Make Commuting Time Useful.

For the average commuter, it takes about an hour to get to work. Don’t spend this time losing vibrations with negative thoughts about your workplace. This time is fruitful. For those using public transportation, keeping a good book on deck is probably the best time killer. For those driving to work, take your hour for prayer, manifestation, and thoroughly giving ideas attention. I spend a lot of time talking to myself during my drive. I have to make sure ideas and propositions sound right aloud before bringing them to other people.

3. Write Goals in Plain Sight.

No matter how many times we’ve included solid recollection in our resumes, our brains are really not a reliable source for such. There’s too much happening in an average life to always be on point, so words of affirmation and reminding are golden. Personally, I carry a water bottle and write on tape whatever I’m in need of. Currently, my bottle reads “mercy, prosperity, opportunity”. Words are magic, ask and you shall receive.

4. Decompress and Refocus.

This is probably the most important. Spiritually, you will be attacked on a consistent basis while in your state of bliss and creativity. The enemy will distract when you have the best ideas, and your self-control will be tested when you think you have a grip. Go to the bathroom for a pep talk, kick it with God, or even have Drake’s Energy ready for play. No one’s judging your release.

5. Do Basic Tasks, Creatively.

This is the fun part. This is also the part that will have you shining at work receiving accolades, and on a larger scale will make your work experience generally happier. I remember working at Victoria Secret and asking for stock checks. I’d say something ghetto like “Do we have a 34A, as in Apollonia” instead of the basic, “apple”. People gave back those same vibes, mostly, and because I was so busy laughing all day at my own foolishness, my shift was over in no time.


Quasia Elle is a Millennial writer from New York. Be sure to check out her Tumblr and follow her on Twitter.

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