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5 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home This Autumn

If you are looking for some inspiration to add a little extra personality to your home, then you have come to the right place. Making your house comfortable and homely isn’t just about impressing friends and followers, there is actually some really neat psychology behind it.

This year has been a turbulent one to say the least, and this shake up has seen a lot of people spending an increased amount at home which in some cases, out of boredom or necessity, has motivated people to revamp their homes by redecorating or completely renovating. If you are one of these people, then that is truly fantastic, but if you are struggling to find ideas or motivation, or if you want to add a little extra to your home then take a look at these 5 personalized items to truly make your house a home.


1. Consider Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a simple and easy way to add some personality to your home. To show this house is a home why not use a photograph or you and your loved ones, this way any guests you welcome into your home can see the whole family in one great wall print. These also are a great reminder for any family members who have gone off to college or have flown the nest. 


2. How About A Pet Portrait?

Another great way to add some personality is with a portrait of your pets proudly hanging on your mantle. After all, our pets bring us so much joy any form of pet celebration is always great! When choosing the perfect pet portrait for your home consider something a little more extravagant, such as a Victorian themed ornate oil painting giving your pet a real regal appeal.


3. Personalized Towels/Bathrobe

Have you ever noticed that high end and boutique hotels always have such a welcoming, comfortable feeling? A small secret to the success is the subtle touches, such as personalized towels and bathrobes, embroidered with the hotel’s name or initials. You can get quality personalized towel and bathrobes from Banana Moon Clothing to give your house a homely boutique feel and impress any guests that frequent your restrooms. 


4. Is It Time To Paint or Add Wallpaper?

A simple way to add your unique touch to a room or your entire home is by decorating using paint or wallpaper. This is traditionally a popular way to redecorate your home, allowing you to choose a color palette to your mood and taste which you can then add your own personalized touches to complete your look. This process is more time consuming and involves much more work than simply adding a few personalized touches, unless you pay for a professional to do the work!


5. Say Yes to Houseplants 

A selection of houseplants is another great way to add some personality as well as vibrancy to your home. Houseplants come in a huge variety of colors and sizes meaning you should be able to find the right ones for your home. Another great benefit of having a selection of house plants is the psychological aspect, of bringing life into your home which in turns creates an uplifted mood, as well as the increased oxygen supply. Before rushing out and purchasing a selection of plans, if you have animals it is a good idea to research beforehand what may be poisonous to pets, giving you chance to avoid these ones.

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