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5 Ways To Upcycle An Old Chair

There comes a time when we look at a piece of furniture and realize it’s no longer got a place in our lives. The temptation is to sling it in a car and take it to the dump, or use it for firewood! However, there are multiple ways you can repurpose your old furniture and make it a stunning, new item for your house or garden. To give you some inspiration, let’s look at 5 ways you can upcycle a wooden chair. 

1. A Chair Back Coat Rack.

If you have an attractive wooden chair that has a broken leg or has seen better days, you could turn it into a feature coat hook. This great idea is relatively easy to do and, depending on the style of your house, could leave your place looking shabby chic. You just remove the front legs and the seat, sand it down if needed, attach some shop-bought coat hooks, and there you have it – a quirky, useful feature for your home! 

2. A Modern Looking Garden Chair. 

If your chair is still in good condition but just doesn’t suit your design scheme of your home, you could give it a good sand down, and repaint it for the garden. Hammerite paint has a great range of options that will provide you with that metal look you’re after. And you can either paint or spray it. You’ll want to remove the old seat cover and add some weatherproof fabric. The result will be an easy to clean, great looking addition to your garden. 

3. A Place For Your Planters. 

Staying in the garden, by removing the front half of your chair and all four legs, you could create a stunning garden shelf that is perfect for placing a few planters. You could also use it to set some hanging baskets underneath. Don’t do too much to the chair. With just a little sand and some varnish, the exposure to the elements will gradually wear on your planter, giving it a stunning, organic look. 

4. Turn It Into A Swing.

Remove the legs of your chair, and give it a good sand down. Using heavy duty rope and some robust knotting techniques, you can quickly transform your old junk into an adorable swing. This clever idea will also save you money. Make sure you double check that the ropes are secure before trying it out! If you don’t have a sturdy place to attach a functional swing you can always attach it to a weaker tree branch and use it as a garden ornament! 

5. Organize Your Bedroom With It. 

Do you have tons of scarves or belts? They can be tricky to store attractively. Depending on the style, you can turn your old dining room chair into an ideal storage solution for hanging these items. Just remove the seat and the legs, and hang your chair back on the wall sideways. This DIY rack can make for the perfect place to keep all your accessories and a truly unique feature for your room! 


Don’t be quick to throw your furniture away. Try to think outside the box and get creative before heading to the dump. There are thousands of brilliant upcycling ideas on the internet, and most of them are really simple to do even if you aren’t an avid DIY expert! 


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