6 Artistic Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

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Would you like to add character to a place you have recently moved into? Maybe, you’re just tired of how your home looks. Anyway, if you’ve got here, you’re probably looking for new ideas to make your home feel more sophisticated or to make it fit your style. Come with and learn quick and effective ways to revamp your home decorations.

The Walls Can Speak To Us

If you want to add more art to your home, statues and other centerpieces can look great, as long as they don’t clog the space. A figure in the living room can be extremely classy, provided it doesn’t stand in the way of people. Paintings, portraits, and sculptures are better enjoyed when observed from a certain distance, depending on their size.

You can use your wall to express your styles, opinions, tastes. The overall feel in a room can significantly increase via wall decorations. The best part of it is that some options are pretty inexpensive.

Not every room is ready to take a sculpture or a statue. Still, pretty much every room can have its walls redesigned, thus improving the overall feel. So, this article will focus on wall decor ideas. Check a few of them below.

Do It Your Way


To make a truly unique home decoration, go full-Sinatra and do it your own way. DIY (Do it yourself) items, like bookshelves, fabrics, and customized antiquaries. You’d be amazed by the kind of furniture and objects you can find in antique shops, sometimes for bargain prices. Crafting your own art allows you to create something that will be exclusively yours, like a bookshelf that takes up an entire wall up to the ceiling. 

Curate Your Collection

Choose what kind of art you want to hang on the wall. Would you like to hang on replicas of famous paintings, works from unknown artists, or photos? You don’t need to be style-tight here; only make sure your arrangement doesn’t look messy. Now, if you’re looking for artistic portraits, check Noble Portrait.


Putting sculptures around the room can be a problem for small spaces. Why not put them on the wall, then? In this context, sculptures have an advantage over paintings: sculptures are 3D. Common choices include craft iron and wooden pieces, arranged like flowers, butterflies, falling leaves; the options are endless. 


See how your favorite pieces will play along before displaying them. Maybe, not all your favorite tunes will fit in the surrounding or background colors. So, colors matter a lot for creating a beautiful arrangement and not a bunch of nice things that will battle each other for your guests’ attention.

Fabrics and Molding

Walls aren’t only paintings, photos, and sculptures. Hanging a beautiful fabric on the wall is a great decoration resource. Carpets also work amazingly well. Fabrics on the wall help create a cozier environment. Alternatively, consider adding molding onto your blank wall. 

Make Your Art the Main Attraction


Once you’ve chosen the arts to decorate your room, it’s time to arrange the whole room to highlight your choices. Think which art will be the first one the guests will see when entering the room. Also, plan how to arrange the furniture around the main pieces, so you don’t cover a beautiful painting with a chest of drawers, for instance.


From making your own art to ordering a portrait, there’s always a way to spice up your interior decoration. Visit antique shops and flea markets, headhunt for emerging artists, or invest in replicas of timeless classics. Make your home your white canvas and make sure it expresses your personality.

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