6 Common Muscle Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

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For a lot of people, having more defined muscles can boost their self-esteem. Besides feeling satisfied with their body, they also attract attention from other people. However, building muscles and getting a chiseled body is not easy. If you have been on a muscle building journey and you are pleased with your results, there are probably some things you are not doing right. Here are six muscle building mistakes you should avoid. 

  1. Muscle confusion

Muscle confusion is the notion that you can trigger muscle growth by employing different workout routines. Many people think that their muscles will overgrow since they will adapt and become resilient to workout techniques that you apply. This belief stems from the media and mimicking other bodybuilders’ routines in the gym. Contrary to popular belief, this technique does not quicken muscle growth. Instead, bodybuilders need to increase the weight of their barbells and their reps gradually. 

  1. Drinking so much alcohol

People often wonder whether they can combine alcohol and muscle building in their fitness routine. If you are a drinker, you do not need to do away with alcohol entirely. You only need to monitor your drinking levels. Excess alcohol hinders muscle growth in many ways. For instance, it inhibits amino acids from signaling skeletal muscles to synthesize protein, and your muscles cannot grow without protein.

  1. Eating less food

Novice bodybuilders focus more on their bodybuilding routine than on a diet. They tend to forget that food also plays a role in muscle hypertrophy. As a bodybuilder, you will use up all your energy. To replace this lost energy, you will need to eat. Remember, your goal is to build muscles, so you need to eat more than you usually do. For instance, you need to increase your calories by 15%. To weigh your calorie intake, ensure you have a kitchen scale.

  1. Over-relying on supplements

Bodybuilders desire quick results, so some opt for a shortcut. Relying on a diet alongside working out requires patience. Although supplements can be helpful, some people abuse them. Some of the side effects include nausea, muscle cramps and an enlarged heart.

  1. Inconsistency

There are occasions you will feel like skipping your workout routine. Perhaps you feel lazy or are in pain from your previous workout. Despite your feelings, discipline is critical. You will build muscles when you stick to the program daily. If you get lazy, have a friend who will motivate you.

  1. Over-training

When you train, your muscles tissues are broken down, but are repaired afterwards when you rest. While it may seem logical to over-train to build muscles quickly, this is not the case. Your body will not be getting the necessary rest to repair the damaged tissues and this will result in a burning out. 


Bodybuilding can be tiresome. However, if you want big muscles, you will need to follow the steps above, regardless of your feelings.

Remember how boring it was to study for an examination? Though tedious, you still realized you needed to do it to pass your exam. The same logic goes for bodybuilding. For you to have the muscles you desire, you have to undergo a tedious routine first.

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