Coasters by Elizabeth Walz

6 Items for the Gold-Obsessed Home Interiors Lover

I’ve been in love with gold since my Jamaican grandmother gifted me my first gold necklace at the age of 6. She has been donning gold all her life and wanted to pass on the tradition. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with gold- gold jewelry, mirrors, tables, notebooks, furniture. GOLD EVERYTHING. Gold adds a touch of elegance and luxury to even the most mundane objects.

I bought gold spray paint recently to spruce up my terra-cotta flower pots and it added such a touch of pizazz to my place, that’ll I’ll be sharing a tutorial of it soon! In the meantime, I’ve found some of the best gold furnishings and accents for your home that the internet has to offer. Check them out below!

Coasters by Elizabeth Walz
Kylie Bar Chair by Statements by J
Gold Mulbery Lounger on FreshDesignBlog
The Avery Coffee Table from West Elm
Art featured on Demotivateur
Brass Grasshopper Floor Lamp by Photonic Studio



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