6 Mistakes To Not Make On The Road

Learning to drive is a huge commitment. Along with understanding how to operate a vehicle, you must remember the rules of the road. In many countries, you have to pass a written test, as well as a practical test, to prove your competence. Unfortunately, even experienced drivers aren’t perfect, so anyone new to driving won’t be either. This means that you could make some huge and expensive blunders. With that in mind, here are six serious new driver mistakes to avoid. 


1. Drinking Behind The Wheel

We all make mistakes from time to time, but there are certain driving “errors” for which there are no excuses. Drunk driving is just one example. After just one alcoholic drink, your body doesn’t function properly. Reaction times become slower, and you’re more likely to make reckless decisions. Because of this, you should take a cab home after a boozy lunch or a night on the town.


2. Leaving Snow Up Top

During the winter months, you might awake to a pile of snow on your car roof. Although clearing the snow takes time and effort, you can’t afford to leave it up there. After all, the snow could easily become loose while driving, impairing your vision or the vision of other drivers. Scraping the snow off your car will ensure that it doesn’t cause a collision a few miles down the road. 

3. Suggesting You’re To Blame

When an accident occurs, there is usually a party at fault. Seeking expert advice from personal injury lawyers, like Schweickert Ganassin Krzak Rundio, can help you secure the compensation you deserve. What will make this much harder, however, is admitting you’re to blame. While people are naturally inclined to apologize, doing so after an accident suggests you’re at fault.

4. Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Driving safety is only possible when wearing sensible shoes. Sandals might keep your feet cool throughout the summer, but they’re known to cause car accidents. After all, they tend to slip off the pedals and could get caught in the footwell. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of an accident regardless of footwear, but the shoes on your feet could impact the sum offered. 


5. Allowing Pets Free Rein

Most people consider their pets to be members of the family. This is why, when heading off on vacation, you might take your dogs with you. If you intend to do so, however, you must secure your pets. Allowing them to roam the car freely is not only dangerous but illegal in many areas. The pet could easily hurt themselves or distract you, both of which can cause a collision. 


6. Overlooking That Tire Pressure

Maintaining the right tire pressure is important for safety, along with fuel efficiency. Most cars inform you of low tire pressure by illuminating a light on your dashboard. Nonetheless, you must check the tire pressure regularly. This is especially important before long journeys, where vehicle safety is especially imperative, and after harsh weather, which can affect your tire pressure. 


Being new to driving isn’t easy, but the advice above should help you to avoid making any huge mistakes. 

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