6 Techniques For Giving The Perfect Gift Every Time

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Gift-giving can sometimes be a tough ask, especially if we’re not intimately knowledgable about the recipient of our gift. It can even be tough to gift our nephews and nieces with the appropriate item from time to time, by virtue of not really knowing what someone in that age category may appreciate.

Furthermore, everyone is an individual, which means they have their own tastes, preferences, and no doubt things they would really rather not get. Then there’s the question of taste. If someone you know has just lost their job, the last thing they probably want to receive is executive office-use stationary. 

As you can see, gifting is not just a transference of property, but a gesture. What you choose to gift can have a direct impact on your relationship, for better or for worse. Thankfully, unless you really make a mistake of it, it’s hard to get this truly wrong. The act of gifting someone a present and thinking enough of them to do that in the first place is a pretty clear indicator of your regard for them.

That said, how can you make sure your gift-giving protocols are worthwhile each and every time? In this post, we hope to ask and answer those questions,  potentially coming to a more reliable result. With that in mind, let’s consider the following advice:

Consider The Gifting Purpose

No gift is detached from the purpose of the gifting itself. Of course, sometimes, the only purpose you need is to surprise someone with a treat. That can be nice, but is most appropriate for when you’re on good and close terms with someone. Randomly surprising someone in your office with a personal gift despite only speaking to them at the watercooler twice in three years is probably going to be seen as strange.

The gifting purpose you select can help you understand the parameters of a gift, also. For instance, gifting your niece with jewelry is nice for their birthday or a special milestone, but might not seem that appropriate unless you’re close with them. A gift of a special bouquet of flowers is a great way to send your sympathy to someone who has encountered a life misfortune, such as suffering an injury. When you consider the gifting purpose, you can more easily limit the range of items worth purchasing.

Always Set Your Budget

Always make sure to set your budget when buying a gift. Ultimately, it’s best to consider how much is appropriate to spend on someone so that the message is right, and of course, you cannot expect to give luxury items every single time.

This is especially true at times like Christmas, where exchanging one highly expensive gift to a relative may totally outshine what they have to give you, making them feel just a little insecure in their preparation. Depending on your means and the event itself, this can differ, but make sure to keep it measured and think within that price range.

Consider Their Tastes & Preferences

Of course, the best way to gift someone anything is to consider what they might like. That which you purchase for one relative over another may differ in terms of their hobbies, their disposition, and their expressed interests. 

For instance, it’s hard to think of a rally racing or car fan feeling anything other than pure joy being gifted official merch from My Mitsubishi Store, and history buffs been given authentic memorabilia, or perhaps someone deeply interested in space the opportunity to have a planet or star named after them. A few precise but vague enough questions such as “what have you been into lately?” can help you unlock this kind of preference, whereas asking their friends or associates the same question may help you learn more about your gift recipient.

It might be that when being assigned the Secret Santa for someone in your office, you have no idea where to start. Speaking to a the closest friend of that colleague in the office might give you some further insight.

Make The Gift Personal

A personal gift can take a usual item and make it extra special. For instance, having a watch or a special item engraved with the name of the person you’re gifting to can be a lovely extra step which shows that you’ve actually customized the item for someone rather than just ordering it for them.

You’ll also find that wrapping a gift well has its own sense of worth, which sounds obvious, but in the age of online ordering, many people use Amazon and other services to auto-wrap a gift ahead of time as they go through the checkout.

…Or Make It Generic But Appreciated

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to be personal. After all, being a bit ‘too familiar’ with your gift can sometimes raise questions in the mind of the recipient. Gifting an engraved piece of expensive jewelry to someone you don’t really know is sure to make them feel a little uncomfortable, no matter how pure your intentions, and even if they generally hold you in positive regard.

A generic gift can’t hurt, then, be that a stationery set, a gift card, some flowers, or whatever else is appropriate to that relationship. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

It’s fine to be stumped. From time to time, you might just ask someone what kind of thing they’d like for their birthday. For instance, asking your nephew what kind of toys he likes playing with at the moment can help you realize that gifting him a Star Wars LEGO set is preferable to giving him a Marvel variant. 

Surprise can be a great part of gifting, but it’s not the only thing. Sometimes, in some situations, it’s best to know that you’re getting a worthwhile gift and dampening that surprise than it is getting it completely wrong. You’ll no doubt know when that’s the best way forward.

With this advice, you’re sure to give the perfect gift every time.

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