6 Things to Consider When Buying An Air Conditioner For Your Place

Same as with home internet, an air conditioning system no longer a luxurious feature reserved for rich people’s homes. Rather, it has turned out to be a necessity for all homes. Considering that summer is almost upon us, you need to ensure that your home is prepared for the summer heat. If you are in the search of an air conditioner, you should consider the following tips:


1. Cooling Capacity


When you are in the market for an air conditioner, ensure that it not only has an adjustable thermostat but also a minimum of two air cooling speeds. In addition, ensure that it has a minimum of two fan speeds for variable speeds to cater to different requirements. Go for a unit with a British Thermal Unit(BTU) level that suits your home. If you choose a window air conditioner with very low BTU power, it may need to operate continuously in order to cool a big building. This means that it consumes more power which leads to increased energy bills. On the other hand, don’t buy an AC that is too big for the space you want to cool.


2. Energy Efficient


At the moment, considering the spiking electricity tariffs and increasing mercury levels, it is essential to go for an air conditioner that has high energy efficiency. Air conditioners that have star-rated energy efficiency ratings or EER are the recommended option by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE. Essentially, air conditioning units with higher star ratings are more energy-efficient, which means that they utilize less energy than those with lower ratings.


3. Window or Split AC


The choice between a split AC or a window model is another crucial factor to consider when buying an AC unit. This will mainly depend on your personal choice. But remember that the window models are somewhat cheaper and simpler to install, however, if you are looking for a quieter option, then the split models are what you need.


4. Price


The price will definitely play a role when choosing an air conditioner for your home. Though different brands will price their units differently, it ranges between $3,702 and $7,132 for a new air conditioner. Quick reminder: expect a higher price for higher star ratings and additional features. In case you are purchasing an AC inverter, it will cost you 20% more than a split model with a 5-star rating.


5. Air Quality


If you are installing an air conditioner at home, then the quality of your indoor air will be a very important factor to consider. Home appliance experts at Direct Appliance Rentals recommend “go for an AC that has a good filter since it yields better quality indoor air”.They say “not only will a good air filter provide fresh and healthy air for you and your family, but it also enhances the efficiency of your unit as it prevents coil choking due to dust”.


6. Maintenance and Cleaning


Same as with cars, your AC unit will also require regular servicing to ensure that it is in a good functioning condition and that it is operating at optimum efficiency. After you’ve installed your AC, quarterly HVAC servicing is essential. In case you don’t have much experience in maintenance, call your local HVAC experts. Save their contacts since you might require professional HVAC repair down the road if your unit breaks down.


After learning all that, you can now get in touch with your local air conditioning company.

Ensure that you take your time when choosing an AC to ensure you get a high-quality one. Furthermore, it’s not like the hot summer days are coming on fast.

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