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6 Tips for Cozying Up Your Apartment for Winter

Winter is around the corner and whether you’ve got a drafty apartment, will be entertaining company, want to ward off holiday blues, or just want to make your place more festive, there are plenty of ways to do so this season. Use these 6 tips for cozying up your apartment for winter and you may never want to leave home!

1. Pile on the throws and blankets. They’re inviting and automatically say, “Make yourself at home!” What do most people do when they settle onto the couch at the beginning of a movie? They reach for a blanket! Snuggling up in dim lighting is the epitome of getting cozy! It’s the same thing we do when we’re homesick because we just feel better beneath layers of soft-textured fabrics. Make sure there’s always one within reach wherever you have seating.

2. Light winter-scented candles. Shoppers look forward to the arrival of spicy autumn scents this time every year, and why wouldn’t they? These aromas conjure nostalgic memories of family gatherings, outdoor fun, and delicious recipes made only on special occasions. Research shows that we have the power to change our mindset through scent, so consider candles a tool in your toolbox after a stressful day at work or when feeling that dreaded Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking in! They’re perfect for every room of the house (as long as they’re out of reach of pets and kids).

3. Whip up a winter beverage with the Ninja Coffee Brewer. Mine can make any $5 concoction for sale down the street, so why should I leave the comfort of my own home (especially now that I’ve made it an autumn haven)? I also like having the option of offering guests a bourbon-spiced pumpkin latte right from my kitchen! The scent of coffee brewing mixed with a combination of chill music and warm lighting instantly spells cozy.

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4. Trade in your summer wardrobe for winter attire. One of the great things about the changing weather is the ability to bring out a set of options you haven’t seen in a while. Pack away your summer clothes and make space in your closet for your winter coats. Make sure they’re clean and wrinkle-free, so they’re ready to wear. Seeing all of those fabulous sweaters, scarves and boots in your closet will immediately switch your mind over to cozy mode!

5. Change your light bulbs. Transform your apartment into a warm hibernation den by opting for light bulbs in warmer tones. OK, maybe we can’t stay in bed until winter passes, but there’s plenty of research in favor of making our homes feel “warmer” through lighting, this time of year especially. It’s been scientifically proven that we feel more relaxed under warm light than cool. That makes sense since we all tend to agree that being near the glow of a fireplace gives us the warm fuzzies! I recommend using Hive Home lightbulbs (here’s why). Research also shows that we think more creatively under warmer lighting, so if you’re crafting, problem-solving, or even making resolutions for the coming year, it will be beneficial to bathe yourself in warm light while doing so.

6. Update your bedding. Whether you opt for flannel sheets, autumnal colors, or both, make the change just as you did with your wardrobe to prepare for cooler temps. The average person spends over 220,000 hours of her life sleeping, so why shouldn’t your bed be a sanctuary? Don’t wait until you’re on vacation to enjoy a cozy bed. Make yours ski-resort-worthy and you’ll never want to leave it!

What are yours tips for cozying up your apartment for winter?


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