6 Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep

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As someone who’s been battling insomnia since puberty, I know how frustrating not being able to sleep is. There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. Whether you find yourself up all night scrolling through social media, or you spend your night tossing and turning. Not being able to fall asleep, a total lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is enough to make the following day utterly dreadful.

There are many reasons why you may be struggling to get enough sleep and if you have major sleep concerns you should certainly speak with your physician. However, most people find that if they make a few changes to their bedtime habits and change their bedroom environment, they actually improve their sleep quality. 

Read on for 6 tips to help you optimize your bedroom for sleep and help you get the rest you need. 


1. Make it pleasant.

If your bedroom has chipped paint, a dirty carpet, peeling wallpaper and damaged skirting boards, then you’re not going to enjoy spending any time in there, let alone using it to sleep in – you can update your skirting boards easily with skirtingsrus. So, to kickstart your sleeping campaign, spend some time refreshing your bedroom and making it a clean, clear and pleasant environment. If you don’t have the funds to paint or decorate, don’t worry – a good deep clean will certainly do the job. 


2. Declutter 

Thanks to modern life, we don’t just use our bedrooms for sleep or intimacy. We watch TV, spend time with friends, even eat and work. It’s because of this that our bedrooms accumulate clutter that simply has no place in our bedrooms. Piles of clothes, laptops, dirty dishes, rubbish – the list goes on. Clutter is stressful and you cannot be expected to get a good night’s sleep if you’re surrounded by things that don’t belong. Have a good clear out and keep your room as tidy and clean as possible.


3. Say no to tech.

Devices such as smartphones emit blue light that tricks our minds into believing it’s daylight. Which makes falling asleep naturally very difficult. TVs also emit this kind of light and you’re going to find it difficult to sleep if your mind is engaged in an interesting story or news article. The solution? Remove all technology. 


4. Keep your room dark.

Keeping your bedroom dark will help your mind to acknowledge that it’s time to sleep. You’ll also find it easier to drift off. So, install blackout blinds, turn off all the lights and even invest in a sleep mask. If you can’t possibly leave your phone in another room, then make sure it’s placed facedown so it’s not lighting up all night. 


5. Banish noise.

Street noise, the neighbors, traffic, even dogs barking – constant noise is irritating at the best of times but when you’re trying to sleep it’s unbearable. Banishing noise from your bedroom with a set of earplugs is the simplest solution here. 


6. Update your bed.

If your mattress is sagging, has lumps in it or is damaged, then it’s time to replace it! Head to a store that can help you find the right mattress for you and your needs. 

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