6 Tips for Boosting Your Body Confidence

Most of us struggle to talk about our bodies positively. We can all probably list ten things that we don’t like about the way look – maybe the slight wobble to our thighs or those rogue stretchmarks on our stomach, or that bump on our nose. But how many of us can list ten things that we love about our bodies? Probably not many.


Thankfully, body positivity is a pretty big deal right now, with celebrities and influencers of all shapes and size encouraging us to look at our own bodies with fresh eyes and think about all the good things, and celebrate them and at the very least, feeling ‘body neutral,’ if not positive!


Here, we look at some tips to help you to feel more positive about your body.


1. Focus on your favorite body part


All of us should have a favorite body part. Maybe it is your eyes. Perhaps it is your thick, luscious hair. Perhaps you have fabulous nails. Whatever it is, make the most of it and concentrate on it – for now. You can move on to falling in love with the rest of your body at a later date.


2. Dress for your body shape


Lots of body-positive influencers will tell you to ignore this advice, and dress however you damn well please – and actually, yes, you should. If you want to go out wearing a mini skirt, go ahead. If you want to wear a cropped top, do it. The problem is that, for many people, this sort of confidence only comes one they have accepted their body and feel good about it, so while you are still feeling a bit ‘meh’ about it, dress for your shape. 


You see, if you start putting on outfits that don’t fit you on your hips, for example, you are going to feel more negative about your body shape, and that is what we don’t want. However, once you accept that different outfits are designed for different body shapes, you will feel much better about yourself. That dress might be designed for women with slim hips, but if you have a fabulous cleavage, find something that shows off that instead!


3. Body shaping is not a bad thing


Type in any celebrity of your choosing plus ‘Spanx,’ and you’ll be hit with picture after picture of them flashing theirs. It doesn’t artificially create a body shape but helps to create a smooth silhouette, whatever size or shape you are, and give you a real confidence boost. Alternatively, there are non-invasive procedures you can have – look into sculpsure vs coolsculpting


4. Choose your favorite colors


Color psychology is a big thing, and wearing colors that make you feel good and make you feel happy will always help you to feel more positive about the way you look. Many of us tend to hide away in black, thinking it helps us blend in with the crowds, but really, it is the least flattering color for many people. Having your ‘colors done’ used to be a thing, where different colored scarves were held against you to find the tones and shades that suited you the best. Many department stores still offer this service, and it is well worth looking into. 


5. Smell good


Smell is an incredibly important sense. How many times have you caught a waft of something, and you have immediately been transported back to a time or a memory? Find something that reminds you of a happy memory, and wear it, whether it is an essential oil, body lotion or perfume. Make it your signature scent, so whenever people smell it, they will be reminded of you. It is a wonderful confidence booster!


6. Pamper yourself


Giving yourself a bit of self-love is one of the most essential steps towards becoming positive about your body, if not the most important. Spend some time on doing things that make you feel and look good on the inside and out – eat well, drink plenty of water and get some exercise and spend time on the evening or weekends putting on a hair mask, slapping on some luxury moisturizer, waxing your legs and giving yourself a manicure or pedicure. If you feel good, you will look amazing.


Body positivity can be hard. As a society, we are not conditioned to be proud of ourselves and the way we look, but by following these few steps, we can feel good about our bodies and the amazing things that they can achieve.


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