6 Tips on Keeping Your Skin Looking Youthful

Want to slow down the effects of aging on your skin? Here are just several ways you can preserve a youthful appearance for years to come.


1. Consider Getting A Cosmetic Treatment.


The most obvious way to keep your skin looking young is to consider cosmetic treatment. There are all kinds of procedures to consider from botox to facelifts. Companies such as Vivid Skin and Laser even do laser treatment to remove blemishes on the skin. Cosmetic treatment isn’t for everyone as it’s both expensive and invasive, however it can be the most effective way to reverse the early signs of aging as well as helping to remove serious acne and birth defects that might otherwise be impossible to remove.


2. Cut Out The Bad Habits.


Many common bad habits are bad for the skin. Consuming lots of sugar is bad for the skin as it can raise insulin levels causing spots and rashes to flare up. Drinking lots of alcohol meanwhile commonly leads to conditions such as rosacea, causing blood to flow close to the skin and causing a blotchiness as blood vessels become unnaturally wide. Of course, the most negative bad habit is smoking, which directly leads to wrinkles on the face due to the smoke, whilst toxins that are inhaled restrict blood flow and make the skin pale. Cut out these bad habits if you want to keep your skin looking beautiful.


3. Stay Safe In The Sun.


Too much sun exposure will dry out the skin and cause wrinkles, whilst burning can lead to more serious health risks such as skin cancer. Make sure that you’re always wearing sun lotion or covering up in hot weather – if you let yourself burn, you’re causing clear damage.


4. Stay Moisturized.


You guys know I’m all about keeping your skin hydrated! As we get older, our skin naturally loses its ability to produce oils that keep our skin from drying out. Getting into a daily habit of moisturizing when you’re young can prevent skin from drying out and slow down the wrinkling process. There are lots of different moisturizers on the market for all different skin types – check out this guide at Marie Claire for more information on the best moisturizers.


5. Exfoliate.


Exfoliating is a way of stripping away dead skin cells on top so that the fresh new skin cells shine through, keeping your skin looking rosy. There are various microdermabrasion scrubs that you can buy to help do this, as well as sponges – try doing this twice a week and see the difference.  


6. Get Your Beauty Sleep.


When we sleep, our body does most of its healing, which include repairing our skin. Getting lots of sleep can also prevent many wrinkles from setting in – particularly bags under the eyes. Start trying to get in a healthy amount of hours each night. There may also be ways in which you can improve sleep quality such as improving your bedroom environment, being more active during the day, reducing stress and introducing healthier foods into your diet.

Photo by Brooke Lark


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