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6 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Completely refitting a kitchen can be costly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the room a facelift to make it look completely new, when in reality, you’ve just used a few DIY tricks (save yourself some money and use the best circular saw to get started) combined with a few new touches. The kitchen is often called the heart of the home; it’s where you end up chatting to friends, where you lovingly cook or bake, and, most importantly, it’s where the food is. So it is one of those rooms that sits high on the re-decorating list. Use these tips to give the room a fresh look.

1. Paint.

This is the obvious one – but don’t just paint the walls; you can change the whole look of the room by sanding down and re-painting the cupboard doors. Matte grey is on trend at the moment, both light and dark, but choose whatever color you love and would give the space some light. A darker color is fine, but in a small room, or a room dominated by cupboards, it could make it look much smaller than it really is.


2. Counters.

Instead of buying a new countertop, use sticky-back plastic to create a faux-marble look. White marble looks fantastic, expensive and light. You can even get a print with hints of gold to stay on trend. And what’s even better, when you want to change, just peel it off and use a new print. 


3. Sinks.

You can install a new sink, or you can just refresh aspects. You’d be surprised how much difference a shelved drainer instead of the usual flat one makes. And the same for the taps. Look at these from Tap Warehouse; they are sleek and polished and perfect for any kitchen.


4. Fridge.

If your fridge doesn’t fit with the new decor, why not tuck it away in a custom built cupboard? You can easily DIY this. If you don’t want to do this, then why not apply a lick of paint to the fridge too? Not all over, but on one side, or the door, paint it with chalk paint and create your own to-do or shopping list right there.


5. Get Geometric.

Geometric shapes are right on trend at the moment and look great. A minimalist kitchen gains character and depth, where a full one can use it for creative storage. Look at these geometric spice jars from Not On The Highstreet; the lids are magnetic and can hide in plain sight on the fridge. Or you can hang some floating shelves for your common ingredients, potted herbs and even utensils.


6. Storage.

Speaking of storage, if you’re in need of some more, then DIY some creative shelves that take up space you never knew you had. Rolling shelves can fit down the side of the fridge, the space beneath the cupboards, hidden by skirting boards, could be transformed into additional draws. Look at these ideas on Pinterest that are so easily replicated.


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