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6 Ways to Add Life to Your Home

There are simple ways you can add light and life to the interior of your house, without necessarily breaking the bank. Here are some useful tips.


1. Lighting


Where do you get the most natural light in a room? Try and rearrange the furniture around this so it’s not being blocked and can point towards any focal points, or places you want to be lit up. For example, work surfaces, desks and tables. Think about even changing about the rooms, to optimize the natural light you get at different times of day. You want more light in your bedroom in the morning and your living room in the evening if possible. For more advice on how to arrange furniture click here


Think about the types and positioning of artificial lighting. Consider changing light bulbs to LEDs as they are more energy efficient and will save you money as they last much longer. Look at the lighting fixtures. Consider how to angle them towards more attractive parts of the architecture or decoration. You could install wall lighting such as sconces and low shining lights over artwork for example, to brighten up the walls. If you need help with this contact your local electrician


2. Color schemes


Go for white as your main color for walls and ceilings. This will open up the room. After this you can have fun with color with furnishings and decorating. There are different colors trending this year, but you can go with your own style. Use darker colors such as navy and black to contrast the white background, for example in frames and lighting fixtures. This will give the room more depth. 


3. Green life


Buy lots of plants and flowers for every room. These are proven to lift the mood. You can find low maintenance plants so don’t worry about taking care of them too much. Ask in your local florist for an easier option that isn’t too sensitive to the amount of light or watering.


4. Get creative


Liven up empty spaces with some new artwork. Look into more unique pieces by visiting local markets and thrift stores. If you’re a bit creative yourself, why not try and make something yourself! It could even be a collaborative project with your friends or family. The art you choose should really reflect your personality and taste, don’t worry too much about following trends, express your individuality. You could also try adding some nostalgic items from your childhood. Whimsical toys and stuffed animals, or antiques. 


5. Liven up the floors


Add texture and character by getting some new carpets and rugs. You can choose to match the colour schemes you’ve gone for. Remember that in 2020 it’s all about patterns. This will add comfort to any room and warm up the place. 


6. Pets

Adding a new furry member of the family will always bring more love and energy to the house. For advice on how to choose the right pet for you, click here.

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