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6 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal Now

Your house’s exterior is like a cover of a book – it’s not the most important thing about it, but it makes the first impression. Most often, people start to think about the curb appeal when they decide to sell their house – a nice and tidy outside look can significantly boost the price. However, with time, it might get impossible, or at least time and money-consuming.


The best solution is to start thinking about that right away – not only for the sake of your potential selling plans. It will simply be much more pleasant for you and your family to live in a place that looks nice, both on the outside and inside. Paying attention to the exteriors might be a nice and a bit cheaper way to improve the overall state of your property.

I know I’ve shared bits of information in the past, but in this blog post, I’ll share a more complete list of ways to up your home’s curb appeal.


1. Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door might be the most popular entrance to your house, especially if you live in a suburban area. Therefore, it should be neat, pleasant to the eye, and functional. If it’s not, you can choose from two options: repair or replace it.

Repairing is definitely the more affordable option, but you should remember that a new door will have a warranty and brand-new parts. With garage doors, you get what you pay for. For example, Wayne Dalton garage doors prices might not be the lowest on the market, but they certainly have a quality guarantee with them.

Replacing a garage door requires some investment, but the new door will be more functional and safer – not to mention that you can choose something good-looking, especially if you’re refreshing the entire outside look of your property.


2. Improve Your Exterior Lighting

You might not realize how vital exterior lighting is until you see how much it can impact your house’s curb appeal. You should install suitable lights in front of your house – make sure they are appropriately placed so that they illuminate the entrance area. Outdoor lights will let you see more clearly when you walk on the sidewalk or outside in the backyard. They will also set the right mood for your evening gatherings or relaxation time. In addition, they will scare away potential intruders who might want to approach your house at night.

3. Give your lawn a makeover

Even if you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean that your lawn should be in this messy state. You can always hire professionals or figure out how to cut it yourself. A lawn is the first thing someone will notice when they see your property – keep the grass neat, and you will create an excellent first impression.


4. Clear Away the Leaves Regularly

If you live in a place where trees tend to drop their leaves in the fall, you know how quickly your yard can get covered by them. Clearing them away is a quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal – just gather the leaves that have already fallen on the ground, and you will instantly make your property look nice and tidy. You can use a leaf blower, but if you don’t have one, a rake will do just fine.


5. Add Some Flowers and Bushes

You don’t need to have a flowerbed or a vegetable garden at your home – although they are undoubtedly a good investment and something that should be taken seriously if you want to grow your own food, they aren’t necessary if you aren’t good with plants. 

However, adding some flowers or bushes to your yard can significantly improve its appearance – it will give your home a touch of freshness, especially if they are blooming during spring and summer. It won’t cost much to plant some flowers in your yard – some seeds and soil will be enough for a nice little planter box that you can put in the corner of your yard.


6. Make Sure It Stays Well-Maintained

Last but not least – an impressive curb appeal requires ongoing work. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, it’s essential to have everything in good shape. Your house might deteriorate slowly from the inside due to various reasons, but the outside can also get damaged without you noticing it. So, everything we have mentioned above and more should be kept in mind at all times, especially when the season of garden parties starts.

Improving your curb appeal might take some time and money, but it will surely be worth it. Paying some extra attention to the outside of your property will make your house a much more pleasant place to live in – not to mention that you can sell it at a higher price.

Make sure that you pay attention to details as well as the overall appearance, and you will definitely be happy with the results. It’s best to have a plan – make it a part of your regular chores to take care of your yard. It might seem like a lot but remember that all the small tasks here and there will help you save loads of money and time in the future.

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