ways to live frugally

6 Ways to Live Frugally

You can live frugally, without feeling like you are missing out. I know it sounds hard to believe, but hear me out ;

Money is an uncomfortable topic for most people. Unfortunately, not talking about it doesn’t change the fact that you need it daily to survive. Once I started working for myself, I learned how important it is talk about money regularly.

1. Make your home more energy efficient.

One of the first things you can think about doing is making your home more energy efficient. It is one of the easiest ways to live frugally.

Your energy cans be a huge bill that you pay out for each month, and so trying to find more efficient ways to power your home is surely the definition of living frugally. It might be simple changes that you make, such as changing light bulbs or ensuring that your habits are changed, so you don’t leave thing son standby.

It could be more long-term changes such as solar panels fitted to the roof, insulation, or underfloor heating as a more frugal way of heating your home. You can even get a designer radiator, which will leave your heating efficient, yet chic. There are things that you can do.

2. Switching providers for your bills.

On the topic of your energy bill, and other things like insurances, when was the last time that you changed provider? You may not be getting the best deal, and many companies save their best rates for new customers.

Switching isn’t complicated. And it can offer you plenty of savings to make it worthwhile. Doing these checks regularly will ensure that you are always paying the lowest possible price.

3. Reduce your debts.

Let’s be honest here; debt can be a big part of your monthly outgoings. It is one of those things that we have no choice but to tackle. It would be nice to bury our heads in the sand, but by doing that, you end up paying out more and possibly never really paying it back.

The first step would be to get debt help from The Credit Counseling Society as organizations like that can best help you decide on your options and what you should do. However, if you want to handle it yourself, focus on the debt that is costing you the most in interest.

Consolidating might also be an option, which gives you one payment and a term to have it completed and paid off in full.

4. Be savvy with your shopping.

It is important for you to be savvy with your shopping, and by changing some of your habits, you can start to live frugally. Shopping online can help to save you quite a bit as you begin to make more considered purchases.

Also looking out for bargains at thrift shops can also help you find the real deal. Sometimes spending a ton of money on clothing is unnecessary. I’ve found some of my favorite home decor items at thrift stores and secondhand shops!

5. Minimize your home.

Is your home cluttered? Do you feel like you have too many things around you? Then it might be time to try and minimize your home as much as possible.

Decide to only keep the things you love, you want, and you need. Decluttering your life in this way can be a revelation, as you start to see how much stuff you have and what exactly you need.

Use the opportunity to make money off of your clutter, by selling online on websites like eBay or gifting them to others that may need them more. It could help you on your path to living frugally.

6. Meal plan and change your food shopping habits.

Finally, food shopping can be a big outlay each week, but you don’t need to spend as much as you do. Changing some of the habits you have with food shopping could make a massive difference to how much you spend.

Meal planning means you write a list and avoid food wastage or those takeaway temptations midweek. Changing where you shop or the brand you buy can also help reduce your costs significantly. There are things you can do.

I hope that this gives you something to think about when it comes to trying to live frugally and some of the ways that you can do it.

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