6 Ways to Protect Yourself While Online Shopping

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From appliances, groceries, to clothing, you can buy almost anything online. And, with the way that things are at the moments, more and more of us are utilizing this. Online purchasing can be really simple, however, you need to be able to protect yourself when doing so. It’s imperative that you protect yourself from things such as fraud and identity theft.  

Next time you shop online, make sure you follow these steps: 


Online Use Secure Websites


When visiting any website, the URL should start with “https” instead of “Http.” A secure website will always be encrypted, allowing you to complete a purchase and enter your personal details and credit card information without being hacked. 


Know Your Rights 


When shopping online it pays to know your consumer rights. Just like when you purchase items from the high street, you have certain rights online too. At times, things don’t go to plan and you need to seek the advice of a Consumer Law Attorney. Knowing your rights is the first step to protecting yourself when making any purchase, online included. 


Have Unique Usernames And Passwords 


Although there may be a lot of online platforms you use to shop, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a unique username and password for each. Most retailers encourage you to create an account when shopping with them so you are able to see your order status, have personalized deals, and store card information for a quicker shopping experience. If you use the same password and username for all, just one has been hacked can leave all of your accounts vulnerable. 


Never Give Anyone Your Social Security Number 


It’s as simple as knowing and understanding that no online retailer has the need for your social security number, therefore, if you are asked to provide it, DON’T. 


Don’t Click On Links Or Images In A Promotional Email


This one may be a little trickier. You may receive an email from your favorite online retailers, and they are offering a discount. However, before you click away on the image or link, it’s best to go directly to the web browser and type in the website. This way, you are ensuring that you are visiting a secure website. 


There are many hackers that use phishing scams where they send a fake email and website in order to attract consumers and then they steal the information. 


Don’t Use Public Or Free Wi-Fi To Do Online Shopping


Hackers think that free Wi-Fi is fantastic, this is because it’s easy for them to access your device and steal your personal information. When you use public Wi-Fi, your data isn’t going to be encrypted. On top of this, hackers can also create fake Wi-Fi networks, and as soon as you connect to their password-free network, they can access your device without you knowing. 


These six tips should help you to stay safe when shopping online, it’s essential for you to remember that your information is precious so you take wise steps to protect it. 


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