7 Most Popular Careers For The Home Improvement Obsessed

You love home improvement. You spend hours working on your house, trying out the best DIY projects. You’re constantly looking for ways to improve your skills. But have you ever thought about making a career out of what you love?

Thousands of people work in the home improvement industry in some capacity. You could join the ranks of people in the industry. We’ve compiled 7 of the most popular careers that might be perfect for you.


1. Contractor

This is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country. When you become a general contractor, you oversee all the different elements of a construction site/project. You help information flow smoothly between workers, vendors, and the client.

If you are interested in becoming a contractor, check out the regulations in place for your state. For example, if you live in Arizona you might look into https://contractortrainingcenter.com/collections/arizona-license. The process to get certified is usually straightforward once you put in the work.


2. Interior Designer

This is a great profession for anyone who has an eye for design. You will craft a look by combining a wide range of aesthetic elements in a home. As an interior designer, you help create the overall atmosphere for every room. You can play with different styles within the owner’s vision.

If you want to get a degree in interior design, it is currently offered at universities across the country.


3. Sales Representative

Although this type of job is less hands-on, it’s still a great way to be involved in home improvement. You can work for any number of industry specialists such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or more.

This a great choice if you have any marketing skills to flaunt as well. You can sell to the average consumer or even to other businesses that are searching for supplies.


4. Carpenter

This is truly a classic home improvement profession. If you love working with wood and building things, you might be a perfect fit.

You can be hired as a carpenter for a wide range of projects including residential and commercial work. You may even find work in entertainment. Theaters and film studios are always hiring talented carpenters to build their sets.


5. Carpet Installer

You can work as a carpet installer and find consistent work. People often need new carpeting installed for their businesses, offices, or homes.

People usually learn how to install carpets through on-the-job training. Once you pick up the skills, you’ll have a great addition to your home improvement resume.


6. Plumber

Plumbing is an extremely useful skill to have. If you become a professional plumber, they are some of the highest-paid individuals in the industry.

Plumbers can be hired for specific construction work or emergency plumbing services. Both are great ways to make a living in the field. Most plumbers go through in-depth training before they take the plunge and get licensed.


7. Electrician

This is another technically focused type of career in home improvement. As an electrician, you must know what you’re doing. If you don’t perform quality work, it puts the people you are working for in danger of electrical issues.

To become an electrician, you may need extensive training before you are certified to work. Consider a trade school or apprenticeship to get you started.


If you have the resources and skills to make one of these careers work, give it a shot! You’ll love what you do every day. You’ll also get to be a part of creating or building something new for someone in your community.

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