7 Reasons to Invest in Property

Investment is becoming one of the most popular ways to find financial independence and is something that is incredibly diverse. One of the most popular types of investment is real estate investment and this is a lucrative avenue for many investors. 


If you are wondering how to choose the right investment property, where to invest for the best results, and how you should go about your investment decision-making this year… it is important to get some inspiration and advice from those who have done it successfully themselves. 


Today we are going to take a deep dive into the world of property investment and also convince you to invest your time and money in this lucrative area this year. 


1. The population is always growing.


One of the main issues are are having as a species worldwide is the population boom. As more and more people reach the age of childbearing, more children are born, and this is causing the population to rise exponentially. As an investor it is important for you to keep one eye on the present and one on the future, and when it comes to property population growth will only facilitate the need for new homes and rental properties in the future. Demand will rise and with it prices will rise allowing you to take advantage of this. 


2. You’ll learn some DIY. 


It is expected of adults to know how to wallpaper a wall or change a plug but often when you move into your first home you are left clueless in the DIY field. This is why investing in property can bring more value to your life than simply money from sales. When you buy a property to sell or rent out you will often need to consider renovation. This forces you to try your hand at DIY to save yourself some money and after much practice you will pick up a whole myriad of amazing skills. What could be better than this? 


3. People like to rent. 


We have reached an age of society where people no longer want to get a mortgage at 21 and settle down to start a family. People want to be able to explore the world and see all it has to offer and renting accommodation is very much a part of this. By stepping into the property investment arena now you will be able to take advantage of this aspect of lifestyle and market to young people who want to move from place to place until they are ready to settle down. 


4. Instant equity.


One of the biggest benefits of selling on a property once you have renovated it had to be the instant equity. Equity is essential if you ever want to upsize your home and selling on properties will allow you to build this quickly. 


5. Large profit margin.


Imagine buying an old home at auction for £45,000. It might cost you around £10,000 to fix it up and get it into a clean condition for sale, making your total cost come to £55,000. Now imagine selling this on the market for a price or £130,000. You’ve just made a profit of £75,000 right off the bat! Property can be a very lucrative field to get into as long as you are smart with your purchases and that you always make sure to buy properties in neighborhoods in high demand. 


6. Stability 


Humans have only a few basic requirements to live. They need water, food, and shelter. It is obviously unlikely for you to provide water and food to people, so investing in providing shelter is the next best thing. Property is something that will always be needed in the world and you will never be without the chance for investment. In the long term this is a safe investment option and it is a great career path to head towards this year. 


7. It’s passive.


Life can be incredibly stressful and with the ever rising cost of living making life harder for all of us, many of us look for methods to make money passively. In terms of passive income, investing in property is a no brainer. Once you have bought the property and worked to fix it up, you simply need to sell or rent it out and you’ll be gaining income without having to do anything. If you have several rentals going on at once you will be able to benefit from a constant stream of income. 


With all of these reasons, it seems silly not to go and invest in property right now!


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