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7 Reasons You Should Try Something New NOW!

Scared to try new things? You’re not alone. At times, the thought of putting yourself out there and trying something new can be downright terrifying. If you need a little encouragement, here are 7 reasons you should try something new NOW!


1.To Overcome your fears


Trying new things can help you overcome your fears. So many of us are scared of failure; scared what others will think of us; scared that we might not like something, and it can result in us only living half a life. By making the effort to try new things, you can overcome these fears and start to live your best, most fearless life.


2. To Find New Passions


If you don’t try new things, you don’t know whether you like them or whether you have a hidden talent for them. By taking a pottery class or learning how to rock climb, you could stumble upon an activity that you absolutely adore or a skill that you’re great at and could turn to your advantage in some way. Stagnate and you might never find that passion.


3. To Have Fun


Trying new things can be a lot of fun, especially if they’re things you might never have thought of before like getting a free psychic reading or cycling around Europe on the trip of a lifetime. Novel experiences stimulate us and if we go into them with an open mind, we can have a better time than we might have imagined.


4.To  Boost Your Creativity


Trying new things exposes you to new ideas and new ways of thinking, which can help you to become more creative at home and at work. It may even make you more intelligent too.


5. To Be The Most Interesting Person at the Party


When you regularly try new things you build up a bank of interesting and amusing tales that you can turn into anecdotes at parties and social gatherings. Everyone will naturally gravitate towards you so they can hear your latest tale of how you nearly died climbing Everest or the time you climbed out of the window after you blind date expressed an unhealthy interest in taxidermy and you will make far better connections as a result. 


6. To Be More Employable


The more things you try, and the more ideas you expose yourself to, the more skills you will build up as a result. This could be very handy should you ever need to find a new job. Skills are corporate currency and saying yes to more things will ensure that you have plenty of it in the bank.


7. To Boost Your Mental Health


Trying new things can boost your self-confidence, give you something to concentrate on when you’re feeling down and keep your brain as sharp and healthy as possible. This could significantly boost your mental health, although if you are experiencing mental health difficulties, you shouldn’t rely solely on it – see a doctor too.


Trying new things might seem hard, but you can start small and build up as you feel able, and you know what? You almost certainly won’t regret it.


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