7 Things to Include On Your To-Do List to Prepare For Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a great way to bring new life to the room that is often considered to be the most important in any house. Remodeling not only improves the usability of the room, but has additional benefits such as the chance to increase the value of your property as a whole – something that any homeowner will always appreciate. 


As a result, anyone deciding to remodel their kitchen will no doubt be delighted with their decision when the work is complete. Before that point, however, there is a period of time before that point: the remodeling itself. In order to prepare for this crucial part of the process, here are seven things you’ll want to include on your to-do list… 


#1 – Use as much food in your kitchen as possible 


As soon as you have agreed a firm start date with the kitchen remodeling service that will be completing the work, buy as little food as possible, instead using items in your cupboard and fridge to create meals. The fewer items you have to move out of the kitchen, the better. 


#2 – Prepare meals in advance 


Again using your existing supplies, prepare and then freeze a few meals that you can cook simply – ideally with a microwave rather than a full oven – during the remodel itself, when your kitchen will be inaccessible. There are a few great suggestions you might want to try here. Try to freeze each meal in a microwave-friendly container, so there’s no need to use a separate container when reheating.


#3 – Move your microwave to another room in the house


As you’ll need to reheat the meals that you have prepared, move your microwave to another area of the house, or into your garage if possible. 


#4 – Put together a set of utensils and crockery required during the remodel 


You’ll need a full set of cutlery, one plate, and one bowl per person, as well as utensils such as wooden spoons, to be set aside to use during the remodel process. Everything else can be packed into boxes and stored safely in your attic or garage. 


#5 -Pack and label boxes of appliances, crockery, etc


Remove everything from your kitchen and store in boxes, just as you would if you were moving house. Label each box to help make it easier to return items to your kitchen when the work is complete.


#6 – Move dishwashing products into your main bathroom


As you may not be able to access your kitchen sink, you’ll need to take your dish soap and a few cloths into your home’s bathroom so that you can clean the cutlery and dishes you’ll be using during the remodel.


#7 – Move all furniture to another area of the house


When all cutlery, appliances, and food have been completely cleared from the kitchen, you can start removing furniture. Disassemble large items, such as your kitchen table, if possible, as this should make them easier to store. 

With all of the above complete, you’ll be ready to embrace the remodeling process and enjoy the incredible finished results very soon! 

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