7 Tips On Accessorizing Like A Pro

Putting together the perfect outfit is a little like painting the perfect picture, you’ve created the silhouette, you’ve cultivated your colors and now it’s time to add in those little details in the form of accessories. So here’s a quick guide to the subtle art of accessorizing. 

1. Start with a Centerpiece

The easiest way to start accessorizing is to work around a centerpiece such as a watch, statement necklace or dazzling pair of drop earrings. A centerpiece needn’t be expensive, used watches can be purchased from big brands at a fraction of their retail price, faux gemstones can dazzle and shine just like the real thing and thrift stores are a treasure trove for shoes and handbags. Pick out the piece of centerpiece jewelry you want to work from and begin adding pieces that compliment it but don’t outshine it. 

2. Mix and Match Your Metals 

Jewelry comes in a number of metals from pink-toned rose gold, through to cool tone of silver. Sometimes pairing like with like does work to form an overall cohesive look but other times it can be more effective to mix and match your metals to draw the eye from one piece to another. 

3. Try Stacking Your Rings

In the last few years stacking rings has become a huge trend with many retailers now selling rings designed solely for the purpose of being stacked. The best way to approach ring stacking is to focus on it alone, again starting with a centerpiece ring that perhaps has a larger stone or more intricate design and then stacking complementary rings around it. Don’t be afraid to stack rings on 3 or 4 fingers though sometimes less is more and one or two well-stacked fingers look less overcrowded. 

4. Play with Textures

Just like with clothing, accessories come in a number of textures and the best way to get the most out of them is to mix and match pieces that complement one another. Think soft with hard, angular with smooth, bold with understated. Playing with textures works not only with jewelry but across the entire outfit of accessories including shoes, bags, scarfs, and hats. 

5. Take an Item Off

The famous quote from Coco-Chanel “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” has lasted the test of time and still rings true today. It can be easy to overdo accessories causing more subtle pieces to get lost and making an outfit look cluttered, so in the words of Coco-Chanel, finish your accessorizing, look in the mirror and then remove one thing – sometimes less is more. 

6. Add Color

A finely tuned black and white outfit is crying out for a bit of color. Try using vibrant gold jewelry that will stand out against the monochrome tones, or go one step further and add a bright pop of color with a statement scarf or leather bag for a colorful retro look. 

7. Don’t Forget the Power of a Hat

A hat can completely change the silhouette of an outfit adding sophisticated elegance to even the most casual attire while complimenting your features, so don’t forget to take a look in your hat collection if you’re looking for inspiration. 

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