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7 Tips On How to Fix Basement Flood Problem

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Every homeowner living in a flood-prone area knows how hard it is to keep their basement wet. They can’t think of using this area as a functional storage space due to frequent flooding. If you are going through the same phase, you must know how to fix your basement flood problem once for all.


1. Find The Water Source

The first thing you need to do is find the root cause of flooding in your basement. Maybe your basement vent is letting water in. Look everywhere from your floor, ceilings, wall, or every electrical unit pipe. Sometimes, the reason for this flood is inadequate drainage systems or old sewage systems. Once you know the primary water source, it becomes easier to deal with the issue by DIY approach. 


Can’t find a source? It happens that you inspect the complete area carefully but still can’t find the root cause. In that scenario, you don’t have to keep wondering but to contact basement repair experts Parma. They are professionals with years of experience and knowledge dealing with a variety of wet basement issues. After completing a quick inspection, they will pinpoint the main problem and then offer a solution.


2. How to Fix Basement Flooding Problem?

Here are some leading solutions that help you deal with problems effectively.


3. Install a Sump Pump

If you don’t have a sump pump, you need one. It’s because you need to direct water finding a way in. You experience severe water damage because you don’t have a pump that collects water from your basement and moves it out toward the city drainage system. Do you have a pump, but still, the problem exists? In that scenario, you either need a replacement or a proper-size pump. Always ask experts because they know what kind of pump will work best for your home condition.


4. Waterproofing Services

If basement flooding causes much damage to your space, then the ultimate solution is to waterproof your area. It means installing a vapor barrier and other waterproofing products, so water doesn’t find a way inside. Basement waterproofing keeps the area dry and prevents pest infestation in your space. Besides, you won’t have to deal with termite damage anymore.


5. Deal with Drainage

Your home basement might be flooding because you don’t have an adequate drainage system. Expert contractors will check your interior and exterior drainage and take some preventive measures like installing interior or exterior drain tile. This method will take some time but offers you relief for a lifetime.


6. Encapsulation 

When your home faces severe damage due to water entry, you need to consider sealing this area completely. It means using sealants, liners, and other sheets to prevent further water damage. In tiny homes, space is limited. Therefore, many homeowners use the basement for laundry and storage. Thanks to basement insulation services, one can deal with this issue quite effortlessly.


7. Spray foam Insulation

When your basement walls have cracks and cavities and let the water inside your home, then closed spray foam insulation seems like the best fix for the basement flood. It will prevent moisture and airflow, making this area neat and dry.

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