7 Ways to Make More Room in Your Small Bathroom

If you’ve got a small bathroom, it can get a little frustrating as you start to feel cramped. However, there are quite a few things you can do to combat this and make your bathroom feel much larger. Below, you’ll find some ideas that will help you to free up space:


1. Add A Huge Mirror

Although a huge mirror isn’t going to add physical space, it will definitely create the illusion of more space. Adding a huge mirror can actually make a small bathroom look double the size! Choose the right wall for it and you’d be surprised at how much light it will reflect and therefore the space it will create. 


2. Keep The Color Scheme Light 

In small spaces, it’s nearly always best to keep the color scheme as light and airy as possible. Darker colors can make a space look so much smaller, so if you can stick to white, grey, beige, and other neutral shades then you’ll be doing your small bathroom a big favor. 


3. Choose Your Shower/Tub Carefully 

Your shower or tub is one of the most important elements in your entire bathroom, and they can take up a lot of space. Standalone cast iron tubs can look amazing and make your bathroom look more spacious. However, if you’re really trying to save space, it might be better if you opt for a standing shower without the tub. It all depends on your personal preference, of course. 


4. Get Smart With Your Storage 

Having smart storage in the bathroom is absolutely key to making the most of your space. You can even get bathtubs with storage these days, so you’re saving as much space as possible. However, you’ll probably need to come up with more creative ways of adding space. Making the most of your vertical space is key by adding shelving. You can add shelving above your toilet, below your sink, and anywhere else you see fit. A sink that doubles up as a storage unit can be a great addition to the bathroom, especially if it’ll help to hide the plethora of bottles with different labels and branding on them. They can make bathrooms look messy, so hiding them will make your bathroom look much sleeker. 


5. Make Your Sink Float 

A floating sink is nearly always a good idea. It won’t add usable floor space, but it’ll create the illusion of more space. 


6. Be Smart About What You Keep In The Bathroom

If you don’t need to keep something in the bathroom, then don’t. Many women like to keep makeup in the bathroom, but this often clutters the sides. Not only that, because bathrooms can get so steamy and are always changing temperature, they can actually render certain kinds of makeup useless


7. Hang Towels On The Back Of The Door

Add a little more space to your bathroom by using door hangers to hang up your towels. 


How will you create more space in your small bathroom – will you use the ideas here? Leave a comment! 

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