8 Benefits of Living By The Beach

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Living by the ocean is an ultimate dream for many. I know as much as I’ve loved living here in Atlanta, I really miss living by the beach in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Something about having that ocean breeze and water accessible to me year round, gave me such a sense of peace.

There is nothing better than owning a condo or another type of beach-side property to give you access to your favorite part of the ocean whenever you want.

For centuries, physicians have recommended people with ailments to take a trip to the shore. Recent studies show that there are several advantages of living near the beach that go beyond obvious health benefits. 

Below check out our list of 8 Benefits of Living By The Beach:

1. Start Living Life A Little More Stress Free

Stress can be a major deterrent to your health and can negatively effect your life forever. Stress has been directly linked to heart diseases, obesity, depression, asthma, and other similar problems.

Shore towns like Myrtle Beach, Hollywood Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach have the right balance of sea breeze, ocean tide, and warm sand to induce relaxation. When combined, these three elements work perfectly together to remove everyday stressors in your life. 

If you start living near the ocean by purchasing one of the condos for sale in Myrtle Beach, you could enjoy stress-busters on a daily basis. Studies show that people living near the ocean are calmer, laid back, and experience far less pain. They also experience fewer episodes of anxiety, depression, and issues with blood pressure.

2. Increased Physical Activity

There is nothing like sun and sand to get you excited to be outdoors and to become way more active. Living by the ocean will allow you to take long walks on the beach in the evenings and running with your dogs in the AM. When I lived in Miami, I was a huge fan of biking along the beach.

Trust me, you won’t be able to stop yourself from engaging in physical activity of some sort. Other popular beach activities include swimming, beach volleyball, skating, and surfing. 

Daily exercise is vital for fighting obesity. It helps in improving heart health and reduces your cholesterol levels. By living near the ocean, you give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and salt air and you can enjoy all the benefits that accrue out of daily exercise. 

Seaside living is known to promote an active lifestyle in people who are above the age of 50. But let’s be honest, after living through a pandemic, most of us have been less active and can use any push we can get to live a more active lifestyle.

3. Condos for Sale in Myrtle Beach Are a Solid Investment

Condos on the beach are not just good for your emotional and physical well-being. They are great for your finances as well. The most obvious financial benefit is the potential for holiday rentals. You can let out your property if you are not using it. Beach location means it’s going to have year-round demand, especially in a place like Myrtle Beach.

Beach houses and condos are believed to be safe vacation investments. The allure is that these properties cannot be spoiled by flagrant development and construction projects. Future-proofing can be a valuable asset when you consider the potential of year-round income. This is probably why most condos for sale in Myrtle Beach don’t stay on the market too long.

4. Enjoy An Uninterrupted Ocean View

The biggest benefit of living by the beach is the “view”. There is nothing standing between your property and the beach. You get to see the sparkling ocean, all day long. Oceanic view can make anybody catch their breath. It doesn’t matter how many times they see it in a day. Architects know the importance of panoramic views, which is why most properties feature a wide build and sizable windows. 

5. The Calming Sea Breeze

Sea breeze can be relaxing. But, that’s not their only benefit. Sea air contains salt, magnesium, and iodine which give it that distinct smell and taste. In Victorian times, physicians would recommend ailing people, especially those taken over by consumption to visit the sea shore. Sea air has healing properties that are known to promote respiratory health, alleviate skin problems, stimulate the immune system, and improve allergies. 

There are negative ions in the air which have mood-enhancing properties. This is probably why people instantly feel relaxed whenever they visit the beach. Depression scores were found to reduce in a recent study involving negative air ionization. Negative ions also play a major role in improving oxygen intake and balancing hormone levels in the body. 

6. Inside-outside Living Helps

You don’t need to be cooped up in your home when you are living by the beach. There are plenty of excuses for you to spend time outside. If it’s not sipping your favorite drinks, it could be surfing, or shopping at beachfront stores. The fact is you won’t need much prodding to go out anyway. You would want to get going and soak up the sun instead of spending your day watching Netflix. 

Oceanside climates are usually warmer, which can help in restoring health. You may notice a significant improvement in arthritis, muscle strains, and other problems. Beaches make for fantastic living year-round due to moderate temperatures. Breeze coming off the sea brings in clean air and is absolutely refreshing to the senses. 

7. Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D Naturally

If you are a health nut, you probably already know the importance of vitamin D in your body. Lack of vitamin D can result in brain damage, depression, infertility, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and anemia. People that live in gloomy and dull climates are not dour because of their nature, but because of the climate and a lack of vitamin D.

According to a study involving 7,000 participants, people living near the coast were found to have much better levels of vitamin D as opposed to those in dull climes. 

8. Prevent Cardiovascular Issues

Deep sea water is known to have several therapeutic benefits. Tide brings in this mineral-rich water to the shore from a depth of 200 meters. You could get heart benefits by just dipping your toe in this water. Deep sea water is known to lower TC, TG, atherogenic index, and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels. At the same time, it helps in increasing trolox quantities. 

Advancements in communication technology have now made it possible for many people to work remotely. Thousands of people are considering moving out of crowded and busy city life, while still continuing to do their normal work remotely. There has never been a more opportune time to live by the beach, work from home, and enjoy the best of both the worlds.  

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