8 Easy Ways to Make Exercise Fun

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f you are not a natural exerciser, finding the motivation to work out can be difficult. You may wonder how people find the motivation to work out often, or even have fun with it. But, there is a way. If you often struggle to have fun with exercise and want to find more enjoyment in it, keep reading. 



1. Stay up-to-date with the sports news

There are a variety of sports or routines you can choose from for your exercise. If you are into a specific sport, then why not keep up to date with the latest news and trends? It might be that you are into basketball. Thus, watching the NBA Season Highlights will motivate you to attend your next basketball class and buy new outfits to feel like your favorite sports star.


2. Do it at home

If you find the gyms or workout classes intimidating, then you can easily work out at home. Instead of spending your money on memberships, you can use it to buy the equipment you need for your home. It could be as easy as getting an exercise mat and a few weights to perform mat work, yoga, or pilates. You may find more enjoyment working out alone at home and that is fine, you do what is best for you. 


3. Use music

There’s a reason why so many people take their portable music players with them to the gym or for the long run – there’s a proven link between workout music and physical performance.


4. Find a buddy 

Ever notice how common it is to see two people going for a run together, or two people working out together at the gym? That’s because a “fitness buddy” is one great way to inspire a successful workout. We are social creatures and thrive when working together with a common objective. At the very least, you will feel guilty if you decide to cancel a workout, so you will be more likely to stick to your regimen.


5. Remember your childhood

Remember when you were younger and played with a skipping rope for hours or jumped around on a pogo stick or space hopper? Well, who says this is just for children? Get a trampoline, see how many times you can skip without stopping, or test out your Hula hoop skills. If you feel silly doing these types of exercises alone, then ask your workout buddy to join you. You could even set up or join a club. There are multiple exercise classes that utilize fun movements such as Hula hooping. 


6. Give yourself a reward

Give yourself something in return for the time spent pounding the pavements or lifting weights. Put $1 in a jar for every workout you do. Every month you could use this money to treat yourself to a meal out or save up for a new piece of clothing. A reward doesn’t have to be money. It could even be a nice meal out once a month or a day off of exercise now and again when you have worked really hard.


7. Get outside

You may struggle to exercise due to a lack of space in your home. Or, you may simply thrive off of fresh air. If so, get outside and get moving. Even if it’s just a walk, movement is movement. You could take your mat out in the garden or to the local park and enjoy your workout from there. 


8. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Not being hard on yourself is easier said than done. But, if you visualize yourself having a good workout and don’t focus so much on the numbers, you may find yourself having more fun with it. As good and motivating as it is to set goals, you may work out better without having those numbers and goals in mind. If you work out depending on how your body feels, you won’t push the limits and tire yourself out. If you can work out for a reduced time but more regularly, you will find yourself having a healthier relationship with exercise. If your body isn’t too tired from the workout the day before then you will feel motivated and energized to do another workout. 


The next time you struggle to find the motivation to work out or want a more fun routine, check back in with these tips. Find yourself a fun playlist, go back in time to your favorite childhood sports, or find a workout buddy. You will soon feel inspired to work out and start enjoying it more. 


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