8 Things to Know About Traveling Internationally

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1. Traveling is the greatest adventure.

Whether you’re thinking of traveling for the sake of a holiday or for moving, traveling is the best form of adventure you can get. Exploring all new cultures and landscapes is a great step up from everyday life in your hometown, but how can you ensure you get there most out of it? Well there’s a lot to think about when you’re traveling, and the longer you want to travel for, there’s more to keep in mind! Let’s talk money.

2. Make sure you have enough money. 

I cannot stress this enough! It’s simple to look at the travel and accommodation fees, but you should expect to double that in leisure fees. You’re traveling to have fun, so make sure you can afford to enjoy yourself, and maybe even bring something back to remember it by. So once you’ve made sure you have enough money, can you use it where you’re going? Looking into converting it can save you both time, and a large portion of your budget. Often conversions at airports and travel routes will deduct a large fee when switching your money, so it could be best to look into other places to convert your money once you get over there. I got burned so badly at the airport in Iceland when trying to take out Euros because I didn’t bother to get Euros before I left America. The ATM charged me $54 to take out $600! I was in tears when I arrived in Berlin and realized how high the fee was. You should also think about your bank card usage, can you use it where you’re going? It might be a great way to get yourself out of emergency situations should you run out of cash.

3. Make your safety a priority.

When you’re going away for awhile, it really is best to make sure you have the right safety plan. Falling ill or injured while on holiday will most definitely ruin your plans, as it might be difficult to communicate with the emergency services there, and you won’t be able to enjoy anything you came there for. So first of all, make sure you’re prepared for any kind of disease out there; do your research and go see a doctor for a shot, better this way rather than being stuck in your hotel room for the duration of the vacation. Also your personal medication! This is obviously very important to keep track of, as you won’t just be able to pick up more anywhere you go. If there are specific medicines that are prescribed to you, you should try and get extra just in case you lose them, otherwise, you may end up going without them!

4. Do your research on your destination.

Planning a holiday seems as simple as picking a destination, and looking at specific things you want to do, but are there any filler activities you could be doing too? It could be that you didn’t enjoy, or are no longer interested the plans you already made, so what do you do now? It’s always best to make sure you have an idea of places you can visit/things you can do in the event that your vacation isn’t going as planned. You never know, other local activities may turn out to be more appealing than you think, altering your holiday ideals completely, so plan properly and make sure you can get the most of your holiday no matter the circumstances!

8-things-to-know-about-traveling-internationally5. Think about transportation.

If you’re hitting several locations while you’re away, you need to consider how you’re going to get from A to B, sometimes it’s as simple as renting a car, or maybe even bringing your own. However, there are some cases in which you wouldn’t be able to get around on your own, due to directions and unclear routes, so make sure you have extra travel money and also a service you could find that can take you where you need to go. If you’re the type to take yourself everywhere, you should check to make sure the places you plan to go, can be reached by yourself, and that there are no surprise costs on the way. A lot of countries now have Uber and Lyft, so see if that’s an option. 

6. Read a bit about the culture there before you go. 

Usually, worrying about another country’s culture isn’t so much of a big deal, though in some countries things that seem normal to you, may come across as rude to them. It’s always good to just take a quick look into the dos and don’ts of where you’re going if only to make sure that your trip goes smoothly. It could be that the culture comes across as particularly interesting to you, something for you to experience yourself, which really adds to the adventure of it all. In worse cases, the culture may put you off from going to certain countries, however, this is an unlikely scenario due to the similarities most countries share when it comes down to how people react to one another.

7. If Your Moving Abroad, think ahead. 

It’s not uncommon for people to move abroad. Many locations in different countries can offer much cheaper housing, in much nicer areas. It could be that you’re looking for luxury over saving, which can really make that move out of your country all the more appealing. Look at these properties in Malaysia for an idea of what you could be getting overseas, and compare them to how you live currently. A move abroad could work out better for both cost and comfort, with communication being a frightening barrier, however, a lot of tourist locations offer multi-lingual opportunities. It’s a scary step, sure, but is that enough to put you off living in a beautiful area? The change of pace and scenery can make your life so much more interesting, making that concept all the more worth looking into.

8. Don’t plan too much.

You want your journey to be stress-free, and overbooking yourself could really turn that idea upside-down. It’s great to have plenty to do, but if you find yourself constantly rushing around trying to get to your next booking when you really just want to relax; you’ve got yourself a holiday nightmare. It’s good to look into what can be booked on the spot, or rather things you don’t need to book, so you can just make sure you know what you’re doing, and you’re doing what you want.

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