8 Ways to Give Your Place a French Inspired Makeover

If you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking at chic cafes and restaurants in Paris, but aren’t sure how to incorporate that French vibe into your home, then this post is for you!

Adding a French touch to your home decor, can be the perfect solution to renew your interior and give it a sophisticated look and feel without breaking the bank. One of my favorite pieces in my home is a little gold magazine rack and table- I picked it up at a vintage flea market in Verdun for 12 Euros! Check out my tips on French styling below. 


1. There’s a sense of less is more in France.

The French attitude to fashion is one of simplicity. Less is always more. According to Coco Chanel, a lady should always look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory. French style is built on simplicity, and this a principle you can apply to your interior too. Unfortunately, our indulgent shopping habits have reduced our interior to a world of clutter.

We live surrounded by the things we own, from the unwanted clothes that we never wear to the unused appliances we keep for good luck at the bottom of the drawer. It’s time to go French and simplify your household. Minimize your home to rediscover the things that matter; the things you love, you need, and you want.

The decluttering process is only the first step of a frugal lifestyle, and it’s ultimately the biggest lesson in the world of French living. As you learn to remove the things you don’t like you can get rid of providers that don’t meet your expectations, save on unnecessary expenses, and create a clear space that you can finally decorate!

2. Stage the scene for an unforgettable rustic experience.

In essence, the typical French decor has a homely village feel. You might be thinking of paved streets, and an old Citroen 2CV passing under your windows. Admittedly, it can be tricky to create the same effect! But you can bring some of the rustic elements inside your home. The addition of barn doors is an elegant way to divide a room can dramatically transform your interior. They are a favorite of modern homeowners as they turn a contemporary decor into a detached pocket of peacefulness, far away from the hectic pace of the urban jungle. They are best used to isolate a cozy nook in the living room or keep the kitchen shut while you’re cooking. In a loft, they can also give privacy to your sleeping quarters!


3. Make it natural all the way through.

It’s impossible to think of France without thinking of the natural smells all over the country. Lavender. Basil. Thyme. Rosemary. Lilac. Lily. There is so much to love about a Provence garden! For homeowners, any Provence plants make a splendid addition to an indoor garden. You can keep plants in pots to create a green and fragrant wall, for instance. Additionally, the presence of plants such as Lily, can also actively help to purify your indoor air. You’ll certainly appreciate the feeling to be in the middle of nature!



4. The little touches that make the difference.

There is nothing like memorabilia to transform an ordinary decor into something extraordinary. French memorabilia adds a charming touch to your interior without taking over your style. Remember; simplicity above all! It doesn’t take much to make your interior feels a little more French. However, if you want to impress your guests, get yourself a print of Le Chat Noir, one of the most famous cabarets in Montmartre in the late 18th century. The iconic poster was part of a touring program from the 1890s.


5. Trust your DIY skills.

You may not be ready to upgrade your furniture. But you can change the ambiance with a few clever additions. In an evening, you could sew an envelope pillow cover to give your lounge a brand new feel. You should be able to find French style fabric at an affordable price on sites such as eBay and Etsy. Striped cotton linen gives a Breton finish to the room, for instance. But you can get some retro prints too for a quirky decor.


6. Show off your true colors.

Everyone loves a good picture. But keeping your frames updated at home can be a never-ending job! Instead, you can opt for a rustic and homemade approach. Why not secure a few pictures on a piece of string, for instance? If you use an instant camera, you can even create the familiar feeling of old vacation photos. It’s the perfect way to welcome friends into your new decor; ask them to take a photo of themselves! You can cherish the memories and regularly rotate through your favorite shots.


7. Bring the French countryside in the lounge.

 The French have an ongoing love affair with gardening! Many choose to grow their own vegetables, and so could you too. You can turn an alcove in your living room into a vegetable garden. Growing carrots, garlic, and lettuce in pots can be a healthy addition to your decor. And you’ll love the convenience of your very own garden too.


8. Simple, but safe products.

Last, but not least, you might want to switch some of your favorite household products against French classics. The old block of soap, Savon de Marseille, is an excellent substitute for your washing up liquid, for instance. You can also spray some lavender essence on your pillow to help you sleep better at night. More importantly, embracing the French way of putting nature inside the home gives you the opportunity to remove potentially harmful chemicals.

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