9 Elements That Make The Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is likely one of the most underrated rooms in the house. It’s the smallest room in most homes and it’s the place that is most often left until last when it comes to redecorating and renovations.

Of course your bathroom should be functional, but it wouldn’t hurt for it to be beautiful to you too!

There are so many details to consider when redecorating your bathroom, from the toilet and the sinks to the bathroom vanities and the shower fixtures.

Let’s take a look at nine elements of the perfect bathroom so that you have a space that you can enjoy.


1. Fixtures

The overall aesthetics of the bathroom are one of the most important things to consider when you plan your bathroom remodel. They don’t have to be big, bold fixtures that take up a ton of space, but they do have to affect the overall presence of the room.

The small things can make a big difference- elegant light fittings and shower fixtures are just  as crucial as the faucets and bath plugs. Bathroom fixtures like bathroom vanities should be well-shaped instead of bulky and the fine.

If you live in an apartment and can’t fully refresh the bathroom, details like the soap dishes and robe hooks can completely transform the look without breaking your leasing contract.


2. The Bath

The elements of a good bathtub depend on its depth and width. Bigger isn’t always better, but most want a tub that will cover both their knees and shoulders when they’re lounging in it. Assuming the size with a glance can be a very foolish mistake to make so not only measure it, sit in it, lay in it and even stand in it.

Make sure it has everything you need for your comfort, and if you’ve chosen a bath that has the faucet in the middle so it can be used either end, make sure both ends feel good. Otherwise, there is just no point in buying one.


3. Good Flooring

Carpet is obviously no-go area for your bathroom. You need your bathroom to be splash-proof, which is why ceramic, marble, and stone are common bathroom materials.

Linoleum flooring or vinyl flooring doesn’t have to be cheap or tacky looking, either, but they do have to be hard-wearing to withstand the level of water splash and humidity they’ll endure.

Get as much information that you can about flooring types so that you can pick the right one for your bathroom.

4. Mirrors

It’s a crucial asset for your bathroom, and if you want both practicality and beauty, you need a mirror. You can use a mirror to reflect the light in the room and make the room look more prominent. You could also splurge on a gorgeous statement mirror and make it be the focal point of the room.


5. The Shower

If you’re lucky enough to have the floor space for a freestanding shower, it’s always a good idea to get one built-in. Building in an open shower area is something that will really attract buyers should you consider selling up.

Something about an open shower build out feels luxurious. Traditionally, showers can feel confined, and you want to have the open “wet room” feel if you can get it!


6. Ensuite Dreams

That little back closet that doesn’t do much isn’t useful to you, but turning it into an ensuite space to provide an additional bathroom for the household could be one of the best decisions that you make for the bathrooms in your home.

You can even build an ensuite back to back with your family bathroom and add adjoining doors for a shared space.

You can really maximize your limited space, and you can ensure that you have an equal amount of space for all in the house that requires the bathroom and shower facilities.

7. Lighting

The perfect bathroom needs to be well-lit. In a perfect world, all of our bathrooms would be flooded with natural light. The reality is, most of us don’t have that luxury.

There are a ton of bathroom lighting options, but ideally you’ll pick lighting that leaves the room feeling bright, yet cozy. Think of the right shower lighting, mood lighting, and how you present it – from spotlights to chandeliers – and make a good choice.

8. Quality Toilets

You spend a lot of time on the pot. For that reason, toilets are pretty darn expensive. If you don’t want to purchase a new one, instead consider splurging on a luxury add-on: a bidet attachment. 

9. Other Touches Of Luxury

Lastly, if you are fortunate enough to have enough space, adding a little (or a lot) of the luxury element will make a big difference.

Treat yourself with some luxury like a built-in music system or even a television behind a waterproof screen. If you want to experience a little luxury without breaking the bank, consider splurging on a spa style shower head. 




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