Accused of Something You Didn’t Do? Here’s How To Keep Calm

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It’s natural that we make mistakes in life when we live in a culture where we’ve got to cover things up. But it can be incredibly infuriating when we are accused of something that we haven’t done. Whether it is something small or it is something massive like a crime, when we are accused of doing something that we have done, what are the steps that we need to do to address the situation, but also to protect ourselves?


What Is the Best Way to Defend Yourself?

While there are criminal defense attorneys offering relentless protection to those accused of a crime, when you are accused of something that you haven’t done but it’s not of this magnitude, you still need to defend yourself in the right manner. Being defensive can mean that we are showing supposed guilt because we are denying everything. When we defend ourselves it’s important to not overreact. We’ve got to stay cool and calm, even if the situation doesn’t naturally lend itself to this. Some people view being cool, calm, and collected as a sign that you are guilty. Ultimately, you have to make your case in a manner where you are clear and forthright.


Understanding the Seriousness of the Accusations

By showing a sense of compliance in any situation where you are accused of doing something you didn’t do, you cannot assume that others will believe your innocence. By taking the accusation seriously from the outset you can make decisions and take the appropriate actions that will increase the likelihood of a good outcome.


Gathering the Evidence

Meticulous research to show that you didn’t do something is key. When we are accused of something that we have done, it’s not enough to have an alibi. There are ways for us to show that we were somewhere else at a specific time. It’s possible to access your phone’s GPS data to prove where you were. When you build a complete picture of your alibi, it’s not enough to know it forwards- you have to understand it backward as well.


Remember Your Actions

Behaving like a guilty party will mean that people will unconsciously assume your guilt. You may be stressed and anxious about what is going on, and the best approach, whether it’s a workplace investigation or a loved one has accused you of something, is to be as compliant as possible throughout the process of getting to the truth. Helping someone get to the truth is an essential action, but you have to remember that, depending on what the accusation is, you may be viewed as throwing red herrings. Your actions will say a lot about you as a person. And when you haven’t done something, it is your own belief that will see you through to the end. There are so many cases of people being coerced into admitting their guilt because they were exhausted. Mental strength is pivotal at this stage.


It can be very hurtful when we’ve been accused of something that we didn’t do, but there are ways to approach the situation.

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