4 Ways to Add Personality To Your Brand

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In 2021, it’s imperative that your brand stands out to get noticed, grow and retain customers. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, brand personality is everything.  

Brand personality can includes many different things such as what your values are, your aesthetic, your brand colors, and your marketing strategy. Here are some ideas on how you can give your brand that extra push to establish the brand personality. 

  1. Marketing Your Business In The Digital Era

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that every business needs to utilize. There are plenty of ways that brands go about marketing themselves online to make them stand out. This helps in establishing the brand but it also helps with letting the brand personality shine.

Brands on Twitter such as Wendy’s snarky attitude and comical comebacks to Twitter followers is a prime example of maneuvering on social media. Denny’s, the dining chain, had a Tumblr account, back when that was popular. KFC, another major fast-food chain, went as far as releasing a free dating-sim game to get more recognition.

 These all are unique ways to garner attention. You don’t have to make your brand do anything wild or elaborate as this, but consider creating Youtube videos or possibly starting a podcast for your brand.

2. Get Involved In The Community

Showing that you and your team care is a fantastic way to let your brand show off its personality. If one of your core values for yourself or your brand is about making a difference or helping, then donating money, sponsoring events, or even volunteering are necessary. If your community often has events such as fairs, festivals, conventions, or more, having tension fabric trade show displays helps as this is key for booths to get recognized.

3. Storytelling As A Form of Content

Telling a story can come in a variety of forms. Many businesses will create content such as podcasts, videos, blog posts, social media posts, books, and lectures to tell stories. These stories could be nothing more than bringing value such as tips or even just for entertainment value.

This allows your potential customers and those in the industry to have a look at who you really are and what your brand stands for. Adding value is also a great way to create trust and a bond with customers.

4. Let Your Team Get Involved

If you have a team for your brand, you should definitely let them shine! Making your team visible shows that it’s not all about you. Your team shows that you need others then just yourself in order to create a successful business. Plus it shows how genuine the brand is too. Having your team be more visible and active can do wonders for the personality of your brand. 

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