3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

A lot of people get stuck in the rut of deciding whether they should renovate or not. Whether you want to stay in your home or put it on the market, it’s often something that people struggle to come to a decision over. Renovating is the best way to add value to your house so if this is what you want to do then a new project could be the answer your looking for after all. 


If you’re looking to move up the property ladder then a renovation project could be a great way to achieve this. You’re going to want to increase the value of the home you have bought in order to make money and move up the ladder. 


Have a look below at some of the ways you can add value to your home


1. Covert Your Basement 


Converting your basement can add as much a thirty percent rise to the value of a house. It’s surprising that more people aren’t looking at doing it. If you want to make a profit on it, however, make sure you keep the costs lower than the expected return. The great thing about a cellar conversion is that not only does it provide a fantastic additional living space it also doesn’t require any planning permission. You could look to create a whole self sustain living space with a small kitchen area and bathroom, a family room, playroom or even a utility area. 


2. Convert Your Garage


Converting your garage has the potential to add up to a fifteen percent increase in value. If you’re not using your garage to store your car then you should really consider using the space and turning it into a livable, usable area. Even more so if you have outside parking available. You need to check that your garage is suitable, and find out if planning permission would be needed. Make sure you check building regulations and make considerations in your budget for things such as replacement windows. You can use your garage as an array of different rooms such as a family space, a games room, a study, an extra bedroom and many more. If you haven’t got a downstairs toilet or a utility area you could use the space for two essentials for a family home. 


3. Add A Loft Bedroom 


Having a master bedroom in the loft space is fast becoming a popular option for many homeowners. It can look to add up to fifteen percent to the value of your home. The most popular configuration is one with some storage, an ensuite bathroom, and a dressing area with luxuries such as a fitted wardrobe and seating area. There are fair few types of conversions available to choose from a mansard conversion down to a roof light conversion. You will find that if you opt for a mansard conversion, then planning permission becomes a must. Other conversion types don’t generally need planning permission but it’s always a good idea to check before you commit to any work. 


These three easy ways to add value to your home are just the beginning there are many other ways you can achieve this. Do you have anything that you did to add value to your home? Please share in the comments section below. 

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