The Realist Spotlight: The Stunning Ashley of Adeline Pour Vous
Ashley Jensen of Adeline Pour Vous.
Ashley Jensen of Adeline Pour Vous.

The Realist Spotlight:

The Stunning Ashley of Adeline Pour Vous

This week, we met with the lovely Ashley Jensen of the vintage shop and blog, Adeline Pour Vous. She shares her must-have items for the fall and even gives us a sneak peek of her fall collection!

Age: 26

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah & Brooklyn, NY

I love Adeline Pour Vous! Tell me how it all started.

The APV blog is really where the brand got its start.  I have always loved experimenting with clothes, seeing what I can get away with, and people noticed.  After much poking and prodding from those around me, I realized blogging was such a natural route to take in order to share my ideas.  The APV shop came about because of a small problem of buying vintage that didn’t fit me, which is actually a bit crazy when you don’t own a store.  I would just fall in love with these pieces!  As ridiculous as it sounds, I couldn’t bear not knowing where they were going.  So, in the process of getting the blog up and running, I realized I should share the excess.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I am a huge fan of unexpected pairings.  Basics made not so basic are my go to, such as a classic button up with a funky pattern, or a tee with funky statement pants.  I really like to see where any given piece can take me, which sometimes ends in disaster, but you get over it.  Take it off and try again!

Can you name one of your style icons and why?

I am currently crushing Jayne Min’s style, of Stop It Right Now.  She has such a high fashion way of putting things together, without it seeming unattainable.  Starting with a killer base of elementary pieces, she’ll add the perfect amount of unorthodox with a pair of shoes or a bold jacket, which I love.  She has the tomboy-gone-coolest-girl-in-town look down to an art.

What inspires you?

The energy felt on the streets of a crowded city.  Every city has something different to offer, a story to tell.  My favorites are always cities along either coast, but all of the cities in the middle also have something to give.  Being in varied settings inspires a different take on life, and that is the most inspiring thing to me.

Have you ever experienced the Quarter-Life Crisis?

Last year I up and moved to New York City, knowing full well I wanted to be on the opposite coast.  I knew where I was going and where I wanted to end up, but I threw myself a curve ball and went to New York in some sort of protest.  Protesting what? I have no idea, maybe being 25.

What are 5 Things You’d Tell Your 20 Y/o Self?

  • You are only 20.  Do you hear?  Only 20.
  • Although you are only 20, you are right. Trust yourself.
  • Take a chill pill, seriously.
  • Let everything be fun.
  • There is always tomorrow, but start today.

What are your must have items for Fall?

I am all about cutout boots this fall.  Whether it be laser cut leather or boots barely held together with straps, they are my must have to show off my socks when the chill hits.  I really want a backpack, as the back-to-school nostalgia kicks in, preferably in leopard print.  I am also craving boyfriend fit sweaters.  Oversized sweaters make any day a good day.

Any advice for people who are nervous to step outside of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion?

I think taking time to experiment is really important.  A good place to start is by gathering photos of outfits you love but for whatever reason you feel you aren’t ready to wear.  On a day off, or when you aren’t in a rush, go through your inspiration and pick things out of your own closet that emulate the looks.  This gives you a new perspective on clothes you already have and pushes you to try something different.  When you find something that works take a picture, with accessories and all, and keep them handy to look through on rushed mornings.  All of the thinking is already done, just throw on and go!

Where do you see yourself and your brand in 5 years?

Within the next five years I definitely see APV moving into editorial fashion.  I love styling for the shop, but I REALLY love editorial work.  Setting a certain mood or telling a story through clothing is my passion, it’s such a creative and natural way for me to communicate.  Taking APV in the direction of an online magazine to showcase editorial work is definitely a place I would like to explore.

So as far as where I will be in 5 years?  Well, the door is wide open, and it feels pretty damn good.


Adeline Pour Vous Fall Collection Preview.
Adeline Pour Vous Fall Collection Preview.

Be sure to check out Ashley’s amazing vintage shop online here! Also, follow her awesome outfits here on Instagram!


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