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Are You Ready to Freelance?

No one could have predicted the pandemic currently sweeping the globe. As things stand currently, none of us know when we will be back to normal or what normal will even look like when we eventually come out the other side. People are coping in very different ways and that is perfectly understandable.


But self-isolating, perhaps being furloughed from your place of work, and separation from friends and family can cause us to rethink how we live our lives and what’s important. You might have had a creative itch for a while now or a blog or other project you were planning, and now that we all are assessing how to navigate the “new normal,” you might finally feel ready to consider the world of freelance. Here are a few things to consider before becoming a freelancer.





If you need a certain amount of money in your bank account, and you like to have your whole year mapped out with your holidays and work times all accounted for, then this might be a big change for you. It’s important to think about whether the freelance lifestyle will be too stressful. Unless you’re very lucky, when you start out there’s likely to be a period of time when you’re in between work, and money might not be flowing in. Then there might also be times when you end up with three jobs at once. Think carefully about what is likely to cause you stress and discuss it with friends and family. They might have insights into how you’ll be able to cope. If the insecurity is going to cause you anxiety, seriously consider whether this is the right path for you.





With most freelance jobs, you will be responsible for managing your own time. It’s important to find an equilibrium between procrastinating, spending your days scrolling through Pinterest, and saying yes to every single job that lands at your door until you get overworked and end up burning out. If you’re the kind of person (and you’ll know if you are) who needs someone to set deadlines for you and a rigorous system of accountability to be productive, then it’s important to consider whether you will be able to motivate yourself when you’re the only person you’re accountable for. Even if you do find yourself procrastinating, knowing that you’re working for yourself and doing what YOU want can be a huge motivating factor for many people. On the flip side, look after yourself. Don’t say “yes” to every job just because of the fear that it might be the only one.





Before you begin taking the first steps down this road, think about your finances. If you’re good at budgeting and generally have a close grip on your finances and know what’s coming in and going out, that’s a great start. Book an appointment with fee only financial advisors, who will be in a position to let you know if going freelance is a financially viable step for you currently.


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