3 Ways to Pull Off Athletic Wear

Whether you are really into sports, or you just like the look of the apparel, going for the athletic aesthetic is definitely appealing. Athletic attire looks great on almost everyone, as long as the clothing fits right! Here are tips to step your athletic aesthetic up.


1. Work Towards Becoming Athletic

To have an athletic appearance it helps to start working out and eating a bit healthier. Simple eating habit changes and jogging a few times a week will have you feeling like an athlete in no time! 


2. Find The Right Shoes

A major part of the athletic aesthetic is having the right shoes. Whether you decide on Air Jordan 1 chicago 2020 sneakers or you simply want to go for some kind of sports shoe specifically, either way it is going to help to add to the aesthetic you are going for. If necessary, you could even get a few different pairs and switch between them.


3. Make Your Athletic Wear A Closet Staple

I love nothing more than wearing cute athletic wear to run errands or to meet a friend for a morning coffee. They’re so comfy and they look good! Start with a pair of sneakers you love and build your wardrobe from there. The great thing about athletic wear is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be cute and well-made! I’ve found some great vintage jerseys at thrift stores and some of my favorite workout tights have come right from Target.


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