Atlanta Historic neighborhoods re-envisioned by Contemporary Architecture


Atlanta Historic neighborhoods re-envisioned by Contemporary Architecture

If- on occasional rides around the city- you find yourself taking in the scenery of Atlanta, one thing you’ll notice is how tradition has a stronghold in the aesthetic of the city. Riddled with old buildings and traditional homes that been around longer than many of us have been alive, there is an unwavering reverence held for Atlanta’s architectural history. But it’s a new dawn and a new day and with that comes an update to our needs and our neighborhoods as we know it. The result- the juxtaposition of modern homes in historic neighborhoods like Castleberry Hill, Sweet Auburn, Ansley Park, and Cabbagetown, just to name a few. With the Architecture Tour hosted by MA! Design is Human, the contemporary side of Atlanta is showcased by means of thoughtful architecture placed in the midst of our unsuspecting neighborhoods, giving it an intriguing edge. The craftsmanship of the Architecture’s abilities are highlighted in the design to be shared with all.

A predominant design philosophy- especially in the south- calls for a greater presence of nature and the seamless transition of architecture among natural surroundings. The advent of contemporary design in the city brings forth the next generation of design. However, not all relics of the past are forgotten, like the house designed by Robert Cain on Elkmont Dr., the mid-century modern structure of the home remained in tact but the additions and renovations brought it into the 21st century. The clean lines with pops of color in the home well and descended into a temporary oasis that was full of life where the children’s play rooms were.

Upon entering the home on McGruder street designed by Architect Woody Vaughn of Norwood Architects, the first thing I was drawn to was the light pouring in through the large windows. I imagined how happy this family must be to be welcomed by such a natural element, right in their home. This house was built upon a space that once served as a parking lot to the- still standing, but abandoned church across the street. One of the most unique features of the house were the ceiling windows above the shower that look straight up into the sky. Vaughn shows us how something as simple as natural lighting makes a huge difference in a space.

Right on Belgrade Ave., Architect Philip Babb designed a bachelor pad of sorts- notably for its guest- friendly features that call for social gatherings. The balcony is ideal for sunbathing and looks over a pool that stretches the length of the backyard and calls at you to dip your feet in.

So if you subscribe to the ideals that we should create a beautiful space around us, one that is unique and individual to us, then you too may be excited to see how contemporary architecture fits into the Atlanta cityscape and reinvents our most valued neighborhoods. If your design philosophy is surrounded by creating a space becoming to you rather than fitting in, than perhaps Atlanta is the perfect place for you, as a city that is changing right before our eyes. Follow MA! Design is Human on Instagram for updates on events and daily design inspo.


Architect Robert Cain: House on Elkmont Drive NE, Atlanta, GA




Architect Woody Vaugh: House on McGruder Street NE, Atlanta , GA




Architect Philip Babb: House on Belgrade Ave NE, Atlanta, GA





Photos by Kimmy Ducasse

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