Atlanta Painters Hasani Sahlehe and Will Penny Present Love Or Confusion.

Written by Demyah Jackson

This past Friday Hasani Sahlehe and Will Penny hosted their open reception for Love or Confusion at the BnJ Gallery in Midtown, Atlanta. The concept behind the exhibit connects us back to the legendary musician, Jimi Hendrix and his single titled, Love or Confusion. “Jimi Hendrix sonically does what we do visually,” Sahlehe tells us. Each piece certainly has a soul that leaks individuality with an eccentric and raw tact that Hendrix embodies in the hit track.
What is phenomenal about the two artists and their collaboration is that it all sparked from coincidence, but one walk- through of the show and most would call it fate. Penny’s pieces are inspired by the idea of creating illusions, and not just painting on a flat surface, but constructing interactive dimensional works, “It’s not just something you can see as a picture, but something you can experience,” Penny explains. His process is innovative and intricate, using light and unity to assess his color configurations. Sahlehe on the other hand has a more emotional experience. He uses his will to explore human experience as a vehicle for his work, and his upbringings in Saint Thomas naturally move his color choices. So while the development and thought processes of each talent come from different states of mind, the unity of Love Or Confusion is impeccable.
The SCAD Alums are making their own names in Atlanta’s emerging art culture with their groundbreaking aesthetics and pure authentic talent. Their show will be displaying at the BnJ Gallery until Saturday, September 19.

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Demyah Jackson is an Ohio born, Atlanta raised college student, entering her final year at SCAD Atlanta as a writing major with a concentration in fashion. She enjoys thrift shopping, scheming up creative ideas, good music, spoken word poetry and empowering herself and others through writing and fashion. Find her on Instagram@myahjay and Tumblr, and don’t forget to say hi!

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