benefits of investing in charities
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Benefits of Investing in Charities

1. Investing In A Charity Benefits You.

89% of American homes donate to charity despite the fact that many don’t have significant savings. But why do they donate? Giving to charity provides many advantages ranging from those that affect your mental health, boost the local community and even result in individual financial rewards. In fact, charitable donations can help you to get a tax deduction. To learn more about each of these and get a better handle on your finances, here is how donating to a charity can benefit all.

2. Benefits Of Donating To Charity.

Charitable giving will benefit you in a few different ways. A study from the University of Oregon found that giving to charity activates the reward center in your brain, releasing endorphins that improve your mood. Another German study found that people who give to charity also experience greater life satisfaction.

Charitable giving can also benefit you financially. This is because charitable contributions in the US will reduce your tax burden because they are deductible, and this even counts if you donate clothing or other items instead of money. Over time this can result in some serious savings, especially if you’re in a high tax bracket.

3. Rewarding Those Around You. 

Most importantly, giving to charity benefits the world around you. This is the main reason why charitable investors like Elliot Broidy frequently donate to charities such as teen homelessness shelters. Broidy also uses his Instagram profile ( to promote useful information about teen homelessness and how others can help, showing the power of technology when it comes to giving. This benefits the local community and improves education prospects, benefiting the economy in the long run. In this way, charity giving is great news for everyone involved.

4. Unique Ways To Invest In Charity.

As technology continues to change and develop, it gets easier and easier for people to donate to charity. You don’t need to head to your local charity or provide your banking details; sometimes you can simply send a text. After Hurricane Sandy, customers who used Verizon were able to make a $10 dollar charity donation by simply texting REDCROSS to the assigned number. This makes it easier than ever for people to make a charitable donation – and technology is being used to promote charity in lots of ways.

Giving to charity doesn’t just benefit the charity; it also benefits you and your finances. This means there are lots of great reasons to give to a charity, and evolving technology means that you don’t even need to leave the house to donate; just get out your mobile and send a text.

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