Best Beach Vacation Tips

One might think that a beach holiday is the most easy-going, relaxing kind of trip out there with so little room for error that you’re practically guaranteed to be unable to muck it up. Of course, travellers and holiday-goers have proven that there’s nothing they can’t muck up and the beach is most certainly one full potential disasters to fall into. If you’re ill-prepared it can be stressful, unfulfilling and even dangerous. So, let’s look at the mistakes you don’t want to make next time you hit up the seaside and a few tips on how to maximise your enjoyment of it.

1. Cover up!

Let’s start with the most important and the most obvious yet still the most unheeded pieces of advice. Please make sure you stay safe in the sun out there. Never go to the beach with the intention of sunbathing, frolicking in the sea, or doing anything less in beachwear without making sure you’ve got enough sunscreen to cover the whole gang. Your choice of sunscreen matters, as well. Be conservative with your choice of SPF factor levels and get one that protects from all kinds of UV rays, both UVA and UVB. If you plan on taking a dip in the water, then get one that’s waterproof and top it up every time you get out of the sea. Sunburn and skin cancer can both ruin a beach trip in different ways. 


2. Pack for the sun, but pack for everything else as well.

Be comprehensive with your packing. You might think it necessary to make sure you’ve got an outfit best suited to lounging under the sun, and you’re certainly not wrong. But you have to be aware that the weather might be a little more fickle than you anticipate. Make sure you take an extra layer in case a cool breeze comes through or even a little patch of rain hits the beach. Don’t forget summer sandals, sunglasses, and a hat that offers plenty of cover to complete the outfit, as well. Being over-equipped is much better than being under-equipped.

3. Get there early.

Want the most relaxing, peaceful beach backdrop visit you could possibly have? At some of the most popular beaches, that might be hard to find if you arrive around noon when they tend to be absolutely full of visitors and often congested. Those can be hard times to find a little peace and quiet in, even if they do make for a lot more fun in the water or in getting involved with some of the beach sports around you. Instead, beat them to be punch, arrive earlier than them and maybe enjoy the gorgeous sight of the sunrise from the water’s edge. If your beach excursion is part of a longer trip, camp near the sands or choose accommodation close to it to have a much better chance of getting to it before it’s swarmed by others.

4. Prepare to do more than sunbathe.

Of course, it can be a problem when you want to do absolutely nothing but relax, too. The novelty of sunbathing eventually wears off, other members of the party (including kids) might start getting antsy, and a beach can get boring if given enough time. If you’re not willing to rent some equipment for the beach sporting activities available on and off the water, then at least bring something else to do. Load the car with the bikes and make it a cycling holiday along the coast. Bring a book with you to keep you engage. Or simply bring sandals or shoes suitable for taking a long walk in.

5. Make sure you appreciate it.

If you’re having a quiet, romantic trip to a beach or a much louder, fun-packed excursion with friends or family, make sure you take a little something to better remember your time there. Souvenirs make a great way to look back on just about any day. You might like to spend some time scavenging for seashells but watch out. There are some countries and some beaches where there’s actually a limit on how many seashells, if any, you can take with you. You might very well be stopped and have them confiscated from you. Taking beach photos, however, has no limit at all and gives you the perfect opportunity to catch the gang enjoying the location at its most beautiful.

The tips above will make sure that you’ve got any potential snafus covered and that you’re ready to make the most out of your next beach trip. All that’s left is to get out there and enjoy some sun, sea, and sand.

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