Let’s take your blog from a hobby to a full-blown career.

After receiving numerous DM’s, emails, and Facebook messages from other bloggers in search of answers on social media growth, brand partnerships, and blog monetization, I decided to offer blog consulting services. With my blog services being an instant success, I’ve helped several bloggers achieve their goals and I’m confident that I can help you do the same!

During our sessions, once we outline your short-term and long-term goals, I’ll provide you with actionable tasks, tips, and tools to take your blog from a hobby to a full-fledged business. We’ll discuss how to effectively grow traffic on your blog and social channels using a variety of techniques. I’ll teach you tips on blog monetization and how to effectively work with brands to build consistent sponsorship through the relationships you develop. I’ve done this with brands like Ford and Martell Cognac, and I cannot stress enough how important building relationships with sponsors is to your brand. I’ll share with you how I’ve turned this into my full-time job and how you can too!

Email me here if you’re ready to take your blog to new heights! Danasia@theurbanrealist.com