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4 Ways to Infuse Body Positivity Into Your Life

Body positivity or BoPo is a vital concept for happiness, as well as mental and physical well being. It’s something all of us (me especially) struggle with. What body positivity means is accepting your body instead of hating it, and trying to change it all the time to fit in with a narrow societal ideal. It’s a pretty radical idea, and it can change your life for the better. Keep in mind that wanting to change your appearance or lose weight isn’t wrong as long as it comes from a place of self-love instead of self-hate. We can love ourselves and still want to reach certain goals!

Read on to find how to introduce a little of it into your existence.

1. Bye Bye Scales!

I finally got rid of my scale a couple of months back and it was such a burden lifted! The scale doesn’t define you. It doesn’t mean anything about how good or bad a person you are, how well you do at your job, or how worthy of love and friendship you are.

All it is, is a number, and if that number stresses you out, throw away your scale. Yep, I know for a lot of ladies, and guys out there this is a revolutionary idea, but what if you lived your life by how you felt in your body, bit by what that little screen on the scales said? What if you did things you wanted to do no matter what your weight? Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to live?

2. Stop Looking For Trouble.

Human beings are smart, we are programmed to look for problems and danger, as it’s something that keeps us safe. However, when it comes to our bodies and appearance, we can too often look for trouble and forget to see and acknowledge the positive things.

With that in mind, listing the things that you appreciate about your body and the way you look can help to start to shift your focus. It’s not vain, and the stuff you find won’t be the same as anyone else either, and that’s OK. Try it, and see.


3. Life Without Limits.

How many time have you limited yourself in what you do or wear because of how you have felt about your body and the way that you looks? The most common problem in this area is when folks feel like they can’t go to the beach because they need to lose weight, or shave their legs. 

Well, the good news is that you don’t actually need to do anything of those things, all you need is a cute costume that fits you well, and with some gorgeous ladies plus size swimwear on the market now, that’s no difficult task, no matter what size or body shape you are. Of course, you’ll need some SPF as well to keep your skin in tip top condition, but that’s it. Now go have fun frolicking in the waves, or just sit on the shore and read a book if you’d rather. It’s your choice!


4. Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy.

Lastly, someone wise once said that compassion is the thief of joy. What this means is that you can be perfectly happy with your own body and appearance, until you start comparing your hips, eyes, hair, or feet to someone else.

Comparing your body to someone else is pointless. First of all everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, and secondly, it’s about how the person in that body relates to it.

After all, there are plenty of people that look great, but still, spend a fortune on copying the looks and bodies of others. When all they probably needed was a little more BoPo in their lives.


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