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Simple Ways to Improve Your Appearance & Boost Your Confidence

Looking to boost your confidence in improve your appearance in a matter of minutes? I know it sounds like a stretch but trust me, I’ve tried these few tips and they genuinely work. I’m hoping you find the tips as easy to do and as helpful as I do.

Let’s get started:


`1. Fix Your Posture.

It can be somewhat silly sounding, but simply making the effort to stand up straight and fix your posture can help you feel much more assertive, present, and confident. Simply standing up with your shoulders relatively back and your chest out can usually help fix things.

Take things a step further by starting yoga, lifting weights, and stretching can also help you gain more strength and flexibility. We would also recommend using ergonomic furniture and trying not to slouch so much. You can also wear supportive shoe insoles from, and you’ll be astonished as you experience the difference. 


2. Apply Skincare.

A little skincare attention can go a long way!  Applying a simple face moisturizer with SPF every morning and evening, can make you look healthier in no time.

Rehydrating your skin, using a blackhead vacuum to get rid of all the dirt that might have accumulated over time, and ensuring you sleep with a clean pillowcase most nights can help your skin clear up immediately.


3. Relax Your Face and Smile.

We often forget just how infectious and worthwhile a smile can be. We carry so much tension in our face without ever realizing it. Smiling is a great way to ease some of that tension. I’m a super friendly person, but I find that when I’m working on my computer, I tend to clench my jaw and put an enormous amount of pressure in my lower face and neck.

Remembering to smile throughout my work day, helps take some of that tension and strain out of my face and neck. 


I know these tips sound super basic, but I’m telling you, they make a difference! What are some ways you boost your confidence and improve your appearance quickly? Leave your answer in the comments below!



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