Chance The Rapper Drops Mixtape “Coloring Book” And We’re Impressed

Art is constantly evolving and artists are always working to create projects that are innovative and individual to their styles’, but it is a profound decision when a creative inserts work from other artists, genres or borrows from their predecessors. Chance The Rapper just dropped his 3rd mixtape Coloring Book , and it is saturated with these decisions. The mixtape’s backbone is faith, pulling in the gospel sample, How Great Is Our God. He also includes Chicago Children’s Choir on All We Got track featuring Kanye West, and the stories he tells are full of direct and indirect biblical references implying the relationship of the Christian heritage in the black community.

We’ve seen artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West incorporate gospel tunes in projects and they even have created self-proclaimed gospel songs. Each artist has  their unique voice and word play to paint a picture of black frustration due to a robbed, mistreated and misrepresented culture. Chance The Rapper revitalizes the story with his playful sound, colorful word arrangement, personal Chi-town tellings and wide-range of music elites (Future, Kanye West, Lil Wayne etc.).

Coloring Book is lively and nothing short of Chance The Rapper’s light-hearted style. The creative choice to interweave the gospel sound to speak a message, tell a story and create positive-good music is a trendy but effective one.

2016 is a melting pot of music that is intersecting the genres and gracing musicians with the freedom to steal from other artists. We were thirsty for newness and beginning to wear the Trap acoustic thin. Chance The Rapper keeps the circulation of good music moving, quenching us with an elaborate piece of work and keeping the Hip-Hop Culture affluent. Listen to Coloring Book here via Apple Music.


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