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Things to Consider in Your Late 20s

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Life comes at you fast and there’s no way to slow it down. For those of us in their early 20s and perhaps getting closer to our late 20s, we are at a crossroads. There are so many different challenges to consider in your late 20s.

We’re about to hit the big three-o and many of us feel a little daunted. It’s that final transition where you can no longer rely on innocence in life and have to begin really planning your life out. Those in their 30s will attest to the incoming challenges that will invoke within us a great sense of urgency, insecurity and also fulfillment.

The questions you need to ask are, do you want kids? Do you plan on getting married and if so when? What do you want to do in the world and what could you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?

It’s about your late 20s when you will begin to want to take on more responsibilities at work. It’s this time when people really make the moves that they have always wanted but felt like they never had enough experience or perhaps even, just not bold enough.

Rising up the career ladder, if you would like to become a leader and be in charge of groups of employees and projects this is a clear sign you are growing up. Now you will be heading into the ‘senior’ role category. This does not allude to your age, but your importance and position in a company.

Your words will carry more weight in discussions, and your ideas will be looked at more seriously by everyone around you. This is something you should enjoy and quite frankly deserve if you have worked hard for several years.

The end isn’t near but…

It’s about this time that you not only think of children which will be new life, but also life and death. Our mortality is challenging us every single day. People around the world react to it differently but those that are calm enough to think of it financially, often benefit the most.

By now if you have a family and you think about the scenario of you or your partner’s untimely passing, one of the biggest scares is raising children without the financial means to do so properly.

Consider getting yourself a term life insurance quote to see what kind of plan would best suit you. The payments you can make will be factored into the plan and the eventual lump sum payout to your children or partner will be calculated as accurately as possible.

Climbing up the ladder professionally is something many youngsters dream about but it’s only when you have multiple years of experience under your belt do you get taken seriously.

Approaching your late 20s and early 30s, it’s about time you asked to be promoted or put yourself forward for more responsibility and a higher salary.

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